Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Other people's work

Nothing creative to share from me today - although to be fair I have been stitching virtually all day, working on another commission which is almost, but not quite finished. With a bit of luck it will be completed tomorrow and I can show pictures then. But now it is dark and I find it hard to stitch at night (think it is an age thing!) so have packed up for the day. But although I've nothing to share from me I have some lovely things to share from other people. There was a parcel waiting for me when I got home from shopping yesterday and inside was this amazing doll and little angel. The doll is called Esmeralda and was lovingly made by the very kind and generous Dot as part of a swap for one of my sock creatures. She is beautifully made and VERY sparkly... and I love her! Thank you so much Dot.

Then this morning there was another surprise for me - this fabulous hand stitched and felted ATC from Annica. I've liked Annica's work for quite a while so was delighted to be able to swap cards with her.

It came with a super hand painted label.... note to self, must make some labels!

And finally, some of you may remember the doll making class I taught recently... well here is the first photo I've received of one of the completed dolls. Introducing the fabulous Fifi, made by Brenda. I think she is stunning! Well done Brenda... she really is amazing!

You can also see Fifi on Stepahanie's blog which I've got to mention because she gave me such a good plug!!! Stephanie is new to blogging so pop by and take a look. I'm sure there will be lots of lovely things to see in weeks to come because she is a very talented lady.


  1. Hello Gina
    Brenda is a talented lady her doll looks as though she likes to have fun.Will you be repeating the doll making classes next year?PLEASE.
    I am looking forward to seeing the pictures of your next commission.

  2. Esmerelda looks beautiful - even more so now she's in the UK! And Fifi is amazing too! Brenda must be delighted with her and with you as her teacher! I've been to see Stephanie. She seems to be settling in well :)

  3. Lovely goodies there Gina. Esmeralda is beautiful and as for Fifi in her glamorous boa and delicious red shoes - well, all I can say is wow!!!
    I'll have to pop over and see what else Stephanie is up to.

  4. Glad you like the card Gina! Esmeralda is beautiful and Fifi, what can I say, Oh la la!


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