Saturday, 14 September 2013

The People's Choice?

Yesterday was the AGM of our branch of the Embroiderers' Guild.
We had a fabulous talk from the very talented Nodeen Salmon whose talents range from the most exquisite counted thread work through to feltmaking, doll making, quilting and amazing machine embroidery, where she achieves the most brilliant painterly effects. Not only is she talented but entertaining and funny too.
Machine Emboidery by Nodeen Salmon
Of course being an AGM there was also some business to attend to and more by default than design I appear to have become the Chairman of our branch.

Almond macaroons
I can't help but detect that for a small (at least I hope it is small) faction of our branch I might not be the most popular choice...

Lemon Drizzle loaf
but then they didn't really have a choice because no-one else was prepared to do the job. Having said that I'm not entirely sure why I want to do it either...

Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Cake
But at least I make the members cake!

Sticky Gingerbread


  1. I would think your cakes are qualification enough for your new position!
    Nodeen Salmon's work is wonderful.

  2. I'd definitely vote for you with cakes like that. Those who don't want you should have volunteered themselves. Amazing work from Nodeen Salmon.

  3. You can come and be my chairman any day if you bring cakes like that!

  4. Yep I agree with all of the above, the cakes would get my vote any day. Why wouldn't they want you, don't give them any cake, that'll teach them! ;)
    V xxx

  5. I may have to move to your area if you're going to make lemon drizzle! Well done for standing up to the plate (no, not the cake plate although, well done for that too!) You can never please all of the poeple and I'm with Maggi, they should have volunteered. Put up or shut up, as they say.

  6. Gina, your photo of Ms Salmon's autumnal scene is quite beautiful. I wonder what the scale of the piece is, and if that is the scale in which she usually works.

    Now. On to elections and cake. In any sort of organization (even if said organization is a bit loose on the organizing) there are always folks who stand/sit back, waiting for someone to step forward to take responsibility and shoulder weights that they'd rather observe from a safe distance.

    This sort of structure might even be apparent in families. It certainly shows up in a macro view when democracies have elections.

    Your group is fortunate to have had you chosen to lead them. Any of us who regularly read your posts know just how dedicated you are to your art and to many other aspects of life.


  7. You stepped up as acting Chair and have done a sterling job, you will be
    a really good chairwoman. Why wouldn't you want a job that is hard work , unpaid, with very little thanks.... Forgoet the small minority
    the majority are pleased. Go Gina. Was going to say more but thought I hadn't better butI don't suppose they read your blog..

  8. Oh and sorry I missed it. ( and the Cake)

  9. Cake was great,as was Nodeen's talk. Her course next day was excellent, clear teaching and informative.

  10. All I can say is long live cake at EG meetings and as Robert Mitchum said 'There just isn't any pleasing some people. The trick is to stop trying.'
    I'm sure you will be an asset to the branch Gina.

  11. You have my sympathy, I recently found myself as treasurer of a Committee - I hate it...

    I don't bake though...

  12. Just kill the complainers with kindness ... and cake! The embroidered forest really does have an oil painted look to it ... amazing. Wendy

  13. I'm sure you'll be a fab chairman, don't put up with any nonsense! And as long as you keep supplying the cake they can't really grumble, can they? At our branch I'm keeping my head down trying to dodge the committee bullet but I don't think I can hide for long...

  14. I went to an Embroiderers Guild meeting last week with a view to joining but came away feeling it wasn't for me for some reason. I think it's an aversion to groups where the 'usual suspects' seem to get landed with the onerous tasks the majority just don't want to do. Sounds like it's the same the world over which is no surprise. I have every faith you will be a star in any role you care to accept. I think they should count themselves lucky! PS In fairness to my local EG it was more like I did not feel worthy enough to join as their work is amazing.

  15. You get my vote Gina! In fact I am genuinely surprised that there might be people who wouldn't want you to be much so, I find it hard to believe. Thanks for the cake and the 'spare' piece I took went down very well with P. He's now thinking of joining!

  16. Ooh sticky ginger cake that sounds yummy

  17. Would highly recommend Mein Kampf (kindle version) as preparation for your new role.


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