Sunday, 8 September 2013


The stars were out and the threat of rain never materialised as over 400 walkers gathered at the start of the Starlight walk last night. Gill, Tony and I got ourselves at the front of the pack and at 10 pm we were off...
Two hours and 59 minutes later we crossed the finishing line among the first 15 - 20 walkers.
We ached rather a lot and were feeling our age but still felt rather pleased to realise we are probably a lot fitter than we imagined. The cup of tea and danish pastry at the end were very welcome!

Ten miles and over twenty three thousand steps...

With a medal to prove it!
Between us we have raised over £575 for the Garden House Hospice and I know there is still some more sponsorship money to come in. So to everyone who has sponsored us, thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. It is very much appreciated.
Our Justgiving page will remain open until December if you would still like to contribute.

As for Betelgeuse... well he did complete the circuit. However it turns out he is a lazy little blighter and I had to carry him all the way.

So he really doesn't deserve to wear this medal.

And as promised I did the "names in a hat" thing... and Betelgeuse is going off to live with Thelma. Thank you Thelma for sponsoring me... and I hope you enjoy Betelgeuse coming to live with you. He may not be up to walking very far but at least he doesn't eat much.

I confess I do ache a little (well perhaps more than a little) this morning but I did walk another two miles to the local shop to get the Sunday paper. I fear if I sit still too long I might seize up completely.
But all in all it was a brilliant evening and a great way to remember my Dad


  1. Well done to all of you and great that you have raised so much money for such a good cause. As you say, a lovely way to remember your Dad. Perhaps time to sit and enjoy a bit of knitting or stitching until all your aches have gone?

  2. Well done you - that's brilliant. x Jo

  3. Well done Gina on completing the walk and on the amount of money you raised!
    V xxx

  4. Well done you for keeping the memory alive. A fabulous sum to raise for a very worthy cause.

  5. Your Dad would be proud of you Gina and I'm so pleased it didn't rain. Hope Betelgeuse likes his new home and behaves himself with Thelma. All that walking has made him thirsty - his tongue is hanging out!

  6. Well done Gina - you are one fit woman! How proud your father would be.

  7. Wonderful - you have all done so well. Now you need to reward yourself with a massage for those sore muscles! Cheers

  8. Well done for a great effort, a great way to remember your Dad.

  9. Well done Gina! Glad it all went well for you. That is certainly a long way to walk but I am sure every step as worth it.

  10. Very well done Gina, glad the weather stayed fine for you.

  11. Fernley sends his congratulations to you and the lazy little blighter. Well done!

  12. Congratulations on your 'great walk'! Just read the news that Betelguese will be coming to live with me - he's such a star, I'm really looking forward to having him here.


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