Saturday, 21 September 2013

A Murder...

...of crows!
The first ever workshop I organised as Young Embroiderers leader was making "Crazy Crows" so it seemed fitting that I should do this for my last workshop as YE leader too. This is a very photo heavy post but I couldn't possibly leave anyone out. 
The crow above was made by Grace but as she had to leave at lunchtime she only got one side completed. Such beautiful stitching though. Sophia managed to work on both sides of her crow and just needs to stitch them together... and I should mention that she is only 7 years old!

The following two crows look like identical twins... but they are the work of Bluebell...

and Francesca who are the bestest of best friends.

Alev, who is only eight, came to her first meeting today and made the crow below...front..

and back... with virtually no help at all! I just love the lips!
We also have the front and back of Eve's crow (another 7 year old... Eve that is, not the crow!)

The front and back of Lottie's crow... more beautiful stitching!

Apologies now because the following four crows are the work of Abigail, Scarlett, Imogen and Jemima... but I can't remember whose is whose

Of course because our girls are so clever and self reliant it does mean that our "helpers" have very little helping to do (at least that is what they tell me) and so they managed to work on their own crows.. this one from Gill

The rather dapper Mr. Crow esq. below from Rhian

And last but not least this absolutely exquisite cockerel from Jan which does seem rather fitting as Jan will be taking over as YE leader at the next meeting. I think you are going to be in safe hands girls!

And mine... well I didn't finish one because I rather stupidly made two sides facing the same way so they couldn't be stitched together... doh! But I did make cookies for our tea break.

I've had a fabulous six years working as YE leader but it's going to be good to come along as just a helper. Looking forward to it!


  1. Gina, these are all fantastic!! I'm always so amazed at all the different directions kids will go with a project when they are basically starting at the same spot. These crows are all so colourful and have a very "folk art" feel to them. Great stuff ... they must all be very proud of their work, and I hope you told them to check out this blog post! Have a great weekend. Wendy x

  2. You have some very talented Young Embroiderers in that group. I had no idea crows could be so glamorous. Well done girls - the future of embroidery is safe in your hands.

  3. Well I do hope we're still going to get to see their work even though you're not the leader because I have always enjoyed seeing it!
    Amazing crows! :)
    V xxx

  4. They are all stunning. What a talented bunch of YEs.

  5. A great project - lots of sewing talent for the future there! x Jo

  6. What a talented group of youngsters there - the very talented teacher had something to do with it I am sure! I agree with greenrabbit designs - I hoe you continue to show us their work in future. Cheers

  7. Those young embroiders have such wonderful wonderfully imaginative color sense and sense of fancy. Each crow is a gem!

    Using a black crow design as the canvas to be embellished is a very clever idea. (Then and now.)

    Lots of lovely, careful stitching there, too. xo

  8. The crows are fabulous. All the group are so wonderfully spontaneous in their creativity. Some beautiful stitching.

  9. What a talented bunch these young embroiderers are Gina. Take some of the credit for winning their hearts and minds and inspiring their endeavours.Their work is so good. Shame the tutor cut two pieces the same to put together... perhaps it's a good time to go after all!

  10. How fun! Looks like you've got some great little sewists coming along there!

  11. I bet they all had great fun making those -and I guess the cookies went down really well. Now you can sit back and enjoy helping without all the preparation work. Time for more cooking!

  12. Wow! These crows are amazing! Well done to everyone!


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