Saturday, 7 September 2013

Cutting it Fine!

Following the success of these little canvases at my Open Studios in July I received two custom orders. Both for little canvases with spotted red jugs, not actually needed until September... so no rush!
The first one is needed for this afternoon... and I finished them yesterday. To be absolutely truthful I also started them yesterday. Where did I read that "Nothing makes me more productive than the last minute"? So True!

And not only did I start and finish the two that were ordered yesterday...

I've just completed a third which has now gone into my Etsy shop. These really did fly off the walls at my Open Studios so I thought I would see if they appeal to a wider audience. And if they do I'll make some more! Each one is unique and the designs vary slightly on each.

Little wall canvases 6" (15 cm) square

Appliqed and free machine stitched by me...

and could be owned by you!

Other news... tonight is the night of my Starlight walk. Think of me as you are settling down with your cocoa this evening at 10 pm because I'll be heading out for a 10 mile stroll accompanied by Gill, my brother Tony and Betelgeuse the sock monster. I've just popped out to the  post office and there is a definite nip in the air and there are dark clouds looming so fingers crossed it doesn't actually rain.

There is still time to sponsor us on my Justgiving Page. And remember... if you would like to win Betelgeuse, after you have sponsored us leave me a comment on this post letting me know.
Wish us luck!


  1. Best of luck for tonight - it's looking very cloudy here too. It's nice that you have company with you and I hope you raise lots of lovely cash for such a worthy cause.
    Love your little canvases and hope they prove to be a money spinner. I can't leave anything till the last minute - I'd panic!

  2. Good luck with the walk, I hope the weather is good to you.

  3. The canvases are lovely, and good luck with your walk!

  4. Love the canvases, just right to cheer up the dark days of winter. Hope the walk wasn't wet, just managed to get in my donation. Well done

  5. There's nothing like a deadline for focusing the mind! Good luck with the walk, and I'm sure those canvases will sell well as they are gorgeous :-)

  6. They are pretty little canvases!
    Good luck on your walk, hope it stays dry for you!
    V xxx

  7. Lovely canvases, I'm sure the new owners will simply adore them. Good luck with your walk.

  8. good luck with your walk - hopefully in dry weather. Your last minute efforts with the canvases look great, I am sure they will sell well. I love the work in your previous post too. Cheers

  9. They always say - if you want something doing - ask a busy person! The collages are lovely. Good luck with the walk. x Jo

  10. I like a deadline too, makes me work harder!

    Those little canvases are delightful.

    Do enjoy your walk.


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