Thursday, 5 September 2013

A Fresh Start

I sometimes think that September feels more like the start of a new year than January. I suppose having been involved with teaching in some form or another for most of my working life that the start of the academic year signals a fresh start and new beginnings. I used to love all those new books and sharpened pencils which seemed to hold such potential.
I still pretty much work to the academic year... I've just started a fresh new academic diary and I'm enjoying filling in all the pages. I try not to schedule any teaching during August. It is a supposed to be my time to catch up with paperwork, get ahead with my planning and find time for my own work. But I don't know where August has gone this year. I've caught up with some friends, done a bit of that paperwork and planning (not as much as I would have liked), spent some time baking and even more time walking but the days have disappeared and there's not been a single jot of new work produced.

And now of course it is the first week of September and I'm back to work. I've just spent a delightful couple of days with the Worcester branch of the Embroiderer's Guild. I arrived Tuesday lunchtime to give a talk, stayed with one of the members overnight (who made me very welcome) and then on Wednesday taught a workshop on finishing techniques...

where we indulged in some frivolity by making tassles, cords and beads.

It was a good start back to my working year and next week I've got three days of workshops so there are busy times ahead.

But somehow I feel it is more likely that I'll get some of my own work done now that I'm back at work than during those lazy hazy days of August.
 Fresh start and all that!!!


  1. I like a bit of 'frivol' and those beads and tassels are gorgeous.
    You might have more time to devote to your own work once this wonderful summer weather comes to an end. It seems to be a crime to be indoors on a lovely sunny day.
    Best of luck with all your new workshops.

  2. Those tassles are gorgeous! :)
    It has been a brilliant summer, you did right taking a bit of time off for some R&R, there will be plenty of dark evenings for work!
    V xxx

  3. Those beads are gorgeous - are they wrapped over paper? I've done some similar ones with Tyvek but I have a habit of 'over melting' them during the making process!
    I know what you mean about September and new starts and resolutions. I'm determined to be tidier this academic year, we'll see how long that lasts!!

  4. The beads and tassels look wonderful, now I want to make some , as if I hadn't got enough projects to do already! I don't know how you find time to fit work in as well xx

  5. Love the colours in all the beads, cords & tassels. I always feel like September is a fresh start too, for the same reasons. January is just another cold month with no obvious change.

  6. The embellishments are gorgeous, what a lovely way to start the year with such a fun project :)

  7. Gina, I love the lavish look of those textile beads. And, I agree with you about sometimes thinking that September (with the school year's start) does present a new year's feel. September's also my birthday month, so that just adds to the beginning notion.


  8. Beautiful tassels, very opulent! I know what you mean re August, it just flew by, with lovely outside things to do and I'm glad I made the most of it, winter is so often long dark and cold.

  9. Gorgeous beads and tassels Gina. It's certainly hard to shake off that fresh start feel of September, I loved getting my classroom ready for a brand new year. Brand new stationary is as addictive as brand new haberdashery, all that potential!

  10. Love your beaads and tassels!
    Mostly the colours!
    It's raining here, perfect crafting weather! Inside!
    Have a great weekend too. xxx

  11. gorgeous rich colours for the beads and tassels Gina. we've had such a lovely summer I wouldn't feel guilty about not creating. we had to take advantage of the warm weather.

  12. You seem to have created beautiful tassels. did you really do nothing in August? I don't believe it!

    Enjoy the new beginning.

  13. Lovely beads. Bet that was a fab workshop for the EG. Can't wait to see what other things your 'fresh start' generates.

  14. Gorgeous beads and tassels. No one should work during August anyway :)


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