Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Times Tables and Tattoos

At bookmaking class last week, Anna brought in a beautiful book made by Lesley that she'd won in a giveaway. It was very much admired all round and after I'd finished admiring, I tried to work out how it was made.

I could see that it was a version of a flag book with little folded envelopes but I couldn't quite work out the envelope construction. A quick email converstion with Lesley pointed me in the direction of Alisa Golden... and Lesley wondered how long it would take me to make one...

Not long!

Also in class last week we were making a folded cover from a strip of paper that was eight times longer than it was wide. There was much fun and games as various different measurements were considered and Ann in particular really seemed to have a blind spot in trying to calculate eight times two inches! We laughed and there was some good natured teasing so I knew Ann wouldn't mind if I made her a times table book. The little tags pull out and each one has an eight times table question with the answer on the back!

I think Ann saw the funny side and has forgiven me because this is what she has made me this week.

We are both involved in a postcard swap and Ann has made me a stunning lace postcard with four little detatchable lace books containing needles and safety pins...

buttons and pins... for my theme of Revelation and Concealment. It is gorgeous!

And I couldn't do a book post without the latest matchbox book...

Another blizzard book construction containing pages printed with tatto hearts.

encased inside a leather bound matchbox decorated with a tattoo heart button.

Can you see who this one is for?

Someone who rather likes hearts, who is a genuine rock chick... and only a little bit vintage!

A special little book for a special friend.


  1. Cheeky monkey! (the kids were taught to remember one sum; I ate (eight) and I ate and I was sick on the floor (sixty four) rather grim but they Love it!) Your lace books are really beautiful aren't they- you certainly look to be forgiven! I also think your tattoo box is one of my personal favourites. XXxx

  2. What a super post. Love the Times Table book - I thought there was rather too much maths involved in book making!! The lace book(s) are amazing - no wonder you love them.
    Love the latest matchbox book. I don't know how you manage to keep finding yet another superb design for each new one.
    My anticipation is growing as you work your way down the list, and I get nearer to seeing the two I have asked for!

  3. I think I may have to make some times tables books as a present for Tall Small's lovely teacher.

    All the books today are gorgeous - the lace ones! Oh! And a leather box for a tattooed book. Gorgeous.

  4. Such lovely books and a wonderful gift from Anne. I'm sure Gill is going to love that book.

  5. More great books Gina and I think by the look of that gorgeous lace book, you're forgiven! :)
    Vivienne x

  6. Gina,

    What a wonderful array of books, all shapes and sizes. Makes me want to go off and fold a few bits of paper....

  7. I do love seeing what you're up to Gina and I find your seemingly endless ideas quite incredible! Your books are brilliant and I do love the Times Tables book - it would have helped me as I always used to get stuck at 6 x 8!


  8. You're too funny! I love that times tables book. Teasing each other about those sort of things is the stuff memories are made of. Love your cute little books!

  9. A post full of loveliness. Totally blown away by all I saw here today.
    I knew instantly that the little matchbox book would be for your friend.... so personal.

  10. a lovely post full of gorgeous books Gina. I've just been running through the times tables in my head to see what I can remember.

  11. Alisa Golden is fantastic - I've just bought another one of her books and it's my dream to have the time go through it and make each one! Your versions are seriously cool too and I love the rock chick matchbox book!

  12. Just as everyone suspected - I really love my little book and will treasure it, thank you, it's perfect!

  13. What fun it has been racing throughnyour posts and seeing all you busy-ness and little books you've been making. Phew! Do you ever sleep? What a lovely frind Ann is to have made such a delightful lace postcard for you! Moira x

  14. Love the books, all yummy! Enjoying the course as well!


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