Sunday, 27 May 2012

Buy my Books!!!

Six little unique jubilee books listed this week...

but only one sold!

Come on you guys....

There must at least five of you out there who would like one of these unique little souvenirs? Or one one person who would like five?


Because I don't want them... even though they are very special and unique and beautiful etc. I made them for you!

It's been a super weekend so far, teaching machine embroidery at Missenden Abbey (yeh!! No books!) and I'm about to get ready to have breakfast before our final day. It would be lovely to come home and find these books have sold. Have I achieved the right tone of desperation here???


  1. Hi Gina, I do hope they sell. I am so happy with my two tiny books.

    I hope you enjoy today.

  2. If there is still one left by the time you have made the two I have asked for I will buy it along with them. I can't believe they are still with you.
    Lovely to see Missenden Abbey - I used to live not far a way long before I became interested in textiles. Now live too far away to take advantage of the super courses that are run there.

  3. Clearly not. See you Thursday.


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