Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A List of Pleasing Things

1. The Fine Colour of Rust
This is a novel full of pleasing things. The story of Loretta, a hard up single mum living in a small Australian town, is a wonderful story of friendship with many laugh out loud moments. There is a lovely moment when Loretta has to read out her list of pleasing things in a creative writing class and as an avid writer of lists this really appealed to me. Nancy (another list writer) passed this on to me before my holiday and I would like to do the same. So if you fancy reading A Fine Colour of Rust leave me a comment telling me you'd like to read this and I'll pick out a name at random.... couple of conditions... you have to post your own list of pleasing things and pass the book on to someone else when you've finished.

2. Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall

Okay.. not actually the man himself, although I don't doubt that he is probably very pleasing (especially if he asked you round for dinner!)... but his wonderful book Veg Everyday

Absolutely everything I make from this book is a winner. They seem such unlikely combinations... such as beetroot pizza... but every single thing so far has been delicious

Other favourites are the courgette filo pie and red peppers stuffed with new potatoes and feta. And the spiced spinach and potatoes (wolfed down before the camera could come out) served with a poached egg was truely inspired!

3. A New Blog
My friend Marian has just started a lovely new blog called Textile Snippets. Do go and visit and say hello... because it can feel very lonely in blogland if you think there is no-one reading (of course that is assuming there is anyone reading this!)

4. Hidden Places - Hidden Spaces
An exhibition of textile inspired art by PRISM at the Mall Galleries, London from 29th May to 2nd June. My telephone box is ordered and the work is ready to hang which feels very exciting. A pleasing thing indeed!

5. Jubilee Matchbox Books
I'm making some special limited edition Jubilee matchbox books to go on sale at the above exhibition. Each one will be slightly different and each one will help fund the telephone box hire. There will also be some in the etsy shop by the end of the month... if you're interested?

6. Hand knitted socks
A trip in the car all the way to Dundee and back over the weekend has meant I have finished a pair of socks in less than a week (I should add that I wasn't driving!). Perhaps not so pleasing is a photo of my feet...

7. A blog award
Several weeks ago I was passed a blog award for being a "versatile blogger" by Miaou. I'm very flattered and thank you very much. Rules say pass it on and write seven things about myself but I've never been a rule follower. So instead I have written seven pleasing things... and if you want to read seven things about me you can always check back here


  1. Ooh, yes please! I've had my fill (no pun intended) of books about what I should and shouldn't eat, and need something completely different - and that book sounds perfect - and I promise to do a list in return! Lists are my favourite things! I'm also really looking forward to seeing your telephone box in a few weeks time. And yes, I agree, Hugh's book is a winner - one of our favourites this winter was the kale and mushroom lasagne.

  2. Great list Gina! Please count me in for The Fine Colour of Rust...and I have to second you on Hugh F-W's Veg Book, it's an absolute favourite in my house - probably my most used cookbook ever.

  3. A long time since i have taken the time to read anything other than academic books so that would be nice.

    Where did you mean about posting the seven pleasing things? Here or on our own blogs - assuming we have one of course!

  4. As a dedicated list maker I'd love to read that book please!

    Hugh's Veg book has become a firm favourite here too.

    Can't wait to see your phone box installed :-)

  5. Hugh Fearnley Doodah's (as he's known in our house!!)book looks wonderul!
    I've just signed up to follow Marian!

  6. Very pleasing list indeed. Especially those darling jubilee books and your gorgeous new socks!

  7. So many good things in this post - I have the Veg book, it's great. I love the Jubilee matchbox books.

  8. some interesting things to think about there Gina, not least should I get either of those books! love your jubilee match boxes and a very cosy pair of sox.

  9. I have to second you on Hugh FW's Veg book - it is utterly brilliant. And everything we've tried so far has worked too. Lots of very pleasing things in this post - just right for a back to school day!

  10. I read 'The Fine Colour of Rust' after you recommended it a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed it so thanks for the suggestion.
    Glad you've got the phone box as it's a great looking project.

  11. A particularly versatile post today Gina. I initially thought you wanted a list now, but then realised you didn't. Just as well, cos I couldn't get past "chocolate" and "long haired skinny men in black leather."

  12. Lovely idea, a list of pleasing things.

    The book sounds interesting so I'd love to give it a (temporary) home.

    So glad you've got your telephone box for the exhibition. How are you going to get it home afterwards......?!


  13. I've been hearing such good things about the HFW book, your post may have pushed me into finally succumbing! The beetroot pizza sounds amazing.

  14. I love Hugh's Veg book too.
    Lovely to see your phone box pieces again - how exciting that your box is ordered. The Jubilee books are stunning.
    Super socks and very glad to hear that you don't knit and drive!

  15. I would love to read the book!
    The matchbox books are fabulous.

  16. The book sounds wonderful but don't count me in: I have such a backlog of books to read and on top of that have discovered that my library now does "e books" that I can download to my laptop, so have read my way through far too many recently.
    Loving your Jubilee matchboxes and am sooooooooo pleased that your telephone box dream is coming to fruition.x

  17. Enjoyed this post Gina, so glad the phone box is booked, well done!!


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