Tuesday, 14 February 2012

It's only Tuesday..

Already this week I have:

1. Made five strawberry pavlovas

All totally inedible... because they are of the millinery variety. Five pavlova hats for five rather dubious pavlova dancers in our village pantomime. Anna Pavlova would be turning in her grave!

2. I've been front of camera again
(a day too late for the BAFTAs unfortunately)

This time I was at the very lovely Bee Crafty near Huntingdon to film for Just Hands TV. Just a short clip to promote the different classes I will be taking at Bee Crafty in the coming months, (details are on my website) plus a short demonstration from me on how to make a machine made tassel.

No shots of me but here is Valerie from Just Hands TV with Sarah and Julie who own Bee Crafty.

3. I've been making some more books
Some are special orders but this one has gone into the shop.

A tiny Japanese stab bound book, covered and lined with silkscreened Japanese paper.

Complete with a hinged cover.

and an origami butterfly on the matchbox lid.

The drawer is trimmed with washi tape and has a tassel made from gold Japanese thread.

In case you hadn't guessed this book has a Japanese theme and is in my shop now!


  1. Still in time for the Oscars though! ;)
    Love the pavlova hats!
    V x

  2. What a fantastic idea to have pavlova hats!!
    Your latest tiny book is exquisite and good luck with the filming to our star of the small screen. Shall I see if I can get Colin Firth to present an award to you or would you prefer someone else?

  3. what a great idea, pavlova hats!

    Your Japanese book is superb

  4. Beautiful little books Gina,and more filming! Look forward to seeing all the costumes in action!

  5. There are no idle hands in your house are there! I thought you'd been making cakes of the edible kind to start with, very realistic.

  6. hilarious hats Gina and a gorgeous little washi book too.

  7. Super hats, smashing book and case, where do you find the time?

    The motor on my sewing machine caught fire yesterday so I won't be trying free-machining for a while...

  8. Your pavlova hats are fabulous! I really thought it was real meringue! Lucy x

  9. Oooh - Anna Pavlova - now she would be a good subject for a corset.
    Look forward to see you wearing a hat, Mrs Meringue Head

  10. Love the hats - glad to see you got them finished in the end! Thanks for coming along and being part of our presentation - I dont mind if Colin Firth wants to kiss either of us! Sarah


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