Friday, 10 February 2012

Baking and Books

I've been busy baking...

When I saw these heart shaped custard creams on Thimbleanna's Blog I just knew I had to make them... but it will probably be the only time I make them! They look good and taste damn fine but boy what a palava. For every one that I managed to sandwich together I must have broken at least two. You can find the recipe on "The Boy who Bakes" should you want to spend an hour or two fiddling about (and occasionally swearing) in the kitchen.

The blueberry and lime cupcakes were much simpler!
And all this baking is because tomorrow we have the private view of our Spectrum exhibition. Afternoon tea from noon until 4pm at Art Van Go... drop in anytime to see the exhibition and have free tea and cake!

I've also been busy making another matchbox book.
I was overwhelmed by the fabulous response I had to my post yesterday. I've had so many emails and pre-orders that I'm almost half way to my target. Thank you so much... you are wonderful blogging friends.

Book number two is an Alice in Wonderland themed book.

The matchbox is covered and lined with Tenniel's illustrations and has a little bottle attached that says "Drink Me"

The book is an origami folded flutter book and has a blue cover with a tiny "Alice " doll

It is held together with machine wrapped cords.

It's in my Etsy shop now!


  1. Those heart shaped buscuits look amazing, no way I could cope with the fiddle. Love those cup cake cases too.
    The alice in wonderland book is sooooo..... sweet

  2. The little book is just wonderful, quite beautiful.
    And I know what you mean about making things like those biscuits. they look lovely, (the half dozen which make it), and if you're like me you've eaten all the broken bits and never want to make the recipe again!
    love Penny x

  3. I've had a lovely catch up. Enjoyed all of it!

  4. The heart shaped biscuits look deceptively simple and the cup cakes are so pretty. I'm sure they are all delicious.
    Those little books are amazing - so tiny but perfect details.

  5. Lovely little biscuits but far too much like hard work for me to contemplate making.
    The little book is gorgeous.

  6. The cup cakes look lovely really pretty cases. I hope it all goes well for your exhibition. There is a lot of work in those little books Gina.

  7. Best wishes for your exhibition, wish I lived nearer!
    V x

  8. Gorgeous little book. Yummy cakes too.

  9. I hope the private view and tea goes well for you all. The biscuits look very good, and I may give them a go - I'm a pro at fiddling about in the kitchen for hours, with occasional swearing! Love the cupcake wrappers, very posh.

  10. I make Nigella's custard creams sometimes. I do them with a tiny heart cutter but THICK and then they don't seem to break so easily. But then I never did go in for delicate food ;-)

    Your Alice in Wonderland book is fabulous. I am now thinking I should let you have completely free rein on the books I asked for - your imagination is far more exciting than mine!

  11. I hope the Private viewing goes well. The biscuits and cakes look really scrummy! Love the Alice book.

  12. That's lovely - I'm still thinking ....

  13. Well, your little hearts sure do look delicious -- sorry they were such a pain. Your dough must have been a bit dryer than mine -- I think I only broke one. (One difference might have been frosting with the knife vs. piping bag -- I think I would have broken more if I'd used a knife?) I LOVE your little Alice matchbox -- very, very clever!

  14. Alice has arrived, and is exquisite, even better than the photos! I had thought she would be a birthday present, but I can't bear to part with her! And so beautifully wrapped too...
    Thanks Gina x


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