Monday, 27 December 2010

Left Overs...

Thank you for every one of your kind Christmas wishes and lovely comments on my advent blog posts. I have tried to reply to as many as possible but I'm sure you appreciate life rather takes over at this time of year. Our Christmas was good - a few coughs and sneezes but on the whole, good... just close family, quiet, with plenty of wonderful things to eat. I was helped by Ben in the kitchen, who is probably just as keen a cook as me and together we peeled, chopped and stirred a feast. In seach of something creative to do with the left overs we were inspired by Nigel Slater and for lunch today we made his "Perky Turkey" - worth doing for the name alone!

Left over turkey heated up in a sticky oriental chilli sauce and served on a salad of watercress, oranges, chilli (my addition) and pomegranate seeds.

For those of us who don't eat the turkey... little bubble and squeak patties with a morsel of stilton tucked into the middle served with the same salad.

Although of course the meat eaters had to have that too! It made a refreshing change from turkey curry!


  1. You've got to love a recipe with a catchy title!

  2. Mmmmm lovely!

    Sounds like you had a lovely cosy Christmas. We did too.

    Today I made a turkey, leek and mushroom pie and, not to boast or anything, it was pretty darn good!!! Amazing really as our guests arrived half an hour early as I was just starting to make the pie! So its assembly was random to say the least.

    Best wishes for the in-betweeny week of Christmas/New Year.

  3. Your leftovers sound delicious. We are eating leftover pork pie which I think will be better not reheated, with a stirfried mix of finely sliced vegs and a small jacket potato.

  4. certainly the most creative leftovers I've heard of....looks good too.
    We had goose for Christmas so will have cassoulet.

  5. Thoses little patties sound yummy, must try some!
    So glad you had a lovely Christmas!
    Vivienne x

  6. My mouth is watering! I really had a go at home cooking this year, but nothing as exciting as you.

  7. Bubble and squeak with Stilton. Mumm, must try.

  8. Bubble and squeak - the best part of the food in my book!

  9. Looks lovely, I'm glad you like the muffin cases.

  10. Happy very very belated Christmas!

    Those look like very chic leftover recipes to me. Makes a change from the 'turkey curry buffet' of Bridget Jones fame!

    We've had 'flu at our place - hence the total silence. Not quite out of the woods yet. We did have a lovely Christmas though.

  11. It certainly looks like you had a wonderful holiday -- with leftovers like that, what could the real thing have been like? I hope it was wonderful! Was your wandering boy in an exotic locale for Christmas?

  12. Now I can't stop saying Perky Turkey--such a brilliant name for a recipe! K x


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