Saturday, 18 December 2010

Day Eighteen

Today the tree has gone up...

There have been one or two new decorations...

which will be added to...

the very many old favourites... such as this one from Texas that has been on our tree for the past twenty four years.

And a collection of these little Santas that I stitched when the eldest boys were just babies.

And of course my faithful old fairy (who has appeared on the blog before) Every year I think this will be the year for her to retire what with her poorly broken wing...

But every year she valiantly continues to grace the top of the tree. That's what I love about Christmas... all those little familiar traditions.


  1. Every family has it's own traditions. I love your stitched Santas and the new beaded decorations.

  2. I nearly forgot your poor old angel with her broken wing. She's still beautiful and good for a few more years before she needs to go to the home for fallen angels!

  3. How beautiful. I think each decoration holds a memory on our tree too. Merry Christmas!

  4. Arghhh! I was hoping to put mine up today but it is now snowed in the garage!

    Yours looks very festive and twinkly.

  5. That tree is so lovely, and the traditions that embrace it even more so.

    Best wishes!

  6. Just a thimbleful....

    How lovely to see you, like me, have a tree full of old friends as opposed to a themed tree - all gold, or red, or blue! Our Angel is called 'wide eyed and legless' as she lost her legs many years ago - well, she IS 50!

  7. I love that your fairy valiantly battles through christmas... a little like us women me thinks!!!

  8. Just beautiful, its nice to stop and take in decorations from the past whilst getting excited about new ones, especially in the hectic run up to Christmas. My mom still had some handmade decorations that my brother and I made when we were small up until a few years ago they just could not keep going sadly.

    Enjoy your tree x

  9. We put ours up today too whilst the snow fell heavily outside - definitely a day for being in by the fire. I love seeing other people's special decorations and like your tree, ours has a collection of old and new, many of them with special memories or people attached.

  10. Your tree is lovely and I think it's important to put up the old as well as the new decorations, so many memories!
    Love your little Santa. :)
    Vivienne x

  11. I hope you can find a new feather and let your lovely tree topper enjoy a new lease of life with a transplanted wing.

  12. your tree looks lovely - i think our angel is looking a bit wonky and we may need a new one next year!


  13. lovely angel :) maybe she could go to angel hospital and get a new wing, then she'd be set for many a festive season to come :)

    Hope you enjoy!


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