Thursday, 1 October 2009

More Degree Work

I couldn't put it off any longer... I had to tackle the "deconstruction" and move on to making a further sketchbook for my first assignment. I chose to work from just this one image from my original sketchbook.

I photocopied the original drawing, tore it up into sections and then endlessly re-drew and re-worked the various sections. For one of these investigations I stitched eight individual sections in black thread on paper which when pieced together make up the whole... well almost!

My favourite two drawings were this one made with a stick and ink...

And another with a brush and ink but worked into with a stick

I also made a print block of the drawing and took prints - which gives a reverse image.

And I have to admit I've really enjoyed myself and perhaps I've being doing my tutor a disservice on the past couple of posts. Yes, she has been quite ruthless with me but ultimately I think it is starting to pay off. Despite all the usual insecurities I do know I can draw and make a sketchbook of passable drawings but that isn't really the point of doing the degree and it has only by letting go of the idea of making good drawings that I'm going to travel further on this journey. I still struggle with making a mess or making something that isn't "good" but I'm getting there... I think. My tutor certainly wouldn't have helped by telling me everything was lovely... after all isn't that what blogging friends are for!

Meanwhile I've been back to life drawing class where we had Tom modelling for us.

And now I've got to move onto the next part of the module which is all about the figure and movement and paintings like these....

Marcel Duchamp
Nude Descending a Staircase 1912

Giacomo Balla
Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash 1912

Oh heck! I can feel all that insecurity returning!!!


  1. Stamp on those insecurities Gina! They are totally unfounded! Lucy x

  2. this is such a watch your process and participate vicariously

  3. Sitting here, smiling quietly and knowingly. Sticks + ink = good times! :O)

  4. Fabulous work! I find this post so very very inspiring Gina x

  5. this was like listening to my daughter as she works through her degree Gina. the hardest thing for her has been that letting go of the notion that the work has to be great, not progress. Well done you x

  6. Love watching the progress in your drawings, that Marcel Duchamp painting is one of my all time favourites

  7. Love that Balla doggy picture - every time I see a dachshund I think of that.

    Your stitched-sketch pictures are fascinating - I thought they were ink before I read how they were done.

    I find that drawing is a struggle between not enough thinking and too much thinking ... well done for taking things to another level.


  8. that Balla picture is one of my favourite ever. Have thought about reconstructing it with my assistant's help but my tetanus is not up-to-date.

  9. i think it is really good as artists to get stretched beyond our comfort zone... i am starting to draw again daily.. well doodle really... i am trying to get right back to exploration and experimentation and process and letting the ideas develop and trying not to get too hung up on the end result... have you read keri smith's 'wreck this journal'? sounds like a good read.
    ginny x
    p.s. love the segmented image and the stitched details.

  10. It's all coming back to me now...I went all the way thru' my degree waiting for someone to find me out! That feeling of insecurity is a killer, and it's just not right. It's all looking good, truly.
    Had to smile at the Giacomo Balla, I was given this print when Higgins the dachshund arrived and I can vouch for the authenticity of that dynamism!

  11. Hahaha -- it's good you have reserved all the "good work" comments for us bloggy friends -- I'm in no way qualified to give you artistic critique! They look fabulous to me!

  12. Cor blimey! I admire you for sticking with it. You should be feeling very proud of yourself right now. What a journey you are taking with some fantastic results. Well done.

  13. The ink and stick studies are so good Gina. Don't let your doubts get the better of you! You know you can do it - your tutor knows you can do it and we know you can do it. I wish you well with the rest of the modules and thankyou for sharing your work with us.

  14. wow, what amazing drawings, i find the whole thing way above my head but i love looking at what you do and it all makes sense when you explain it!!!


  15. no no! don't feel insecure! you are obviously a talented artist in hiding! after your next module you will be an expert on movement, i just know it! x

  16. Just a thimbleful....

    I admire your commitment and, as I have said before, am awed by your energy!

  17. You can do it! Just see how you relaxed into it when you started to experiment? I have every faith in you Gina.

  18. I love the way your work is developing and look forward to seeing some more.

  19. Great to see how you've pushed on to another level in your life drawing, I love the stitched pieces.


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