Monday, 28 September 2009


The exhibition in our village church this weekend was a great success. Lots of visitors and several pictures sold which all helps with the upkeep of our pretty church.

We held the first one just over two years ago and had these boards made to fit between the pews. Below you can see some of the pictures from the Green family on display... including an original Anthony Green for £8000. A little beyond the pockets of most of our buyers!

More from the Greens...

Plus plenty of fabulous paintings from lesser known but very talented local artists.

including some amazing botanical illustrations.

and landscapes of places near and far.

A beautiful variety of work including this little stitched picture by a friend called Sue Blackburn. I fell in love with it... and Stewart treated me, so it is now hanging in my hall.

Although it is called Desert it reminds me of autumn with the colours in the trees. And talking of autumn, whilst stewarding at the church on Saturday it was a chance to catch up with some hand sewing and I finished off these brooches in autumn colours.

A pleasant change from all the drawing!


  1. A great treat for the eyes. Thank you for this post and I love your brooches.

  2. I'm glad the weekend went well you certainly had the weather for it. Your flower brooches look lovely.

  3. Looks like the exhibition was a great success - the screens are a great idea.

    What pretty brooches too.

    It's definitely getting autumnal - or is everything dying from lack of rain?!


  4. What a lovely event your exhibition must have been and a super way of raising funds for the Church. You seem to have a congregation of very talented people in your area. I love your little brooches and can understand them bringing a bit of light relief after all the concentration required for drawing. Now I suppose it's back to the drawing board?!

  5. Just a thimbleful

    I was sorry to miss the private view on Friday but managed to visit Sunday afternoon - what a delightful exhibition! Quite a few pieces I would have liked to buy had I had a spare inch of wall! I paticularly liked the two Elaine Baigent pictures but they were sold - and of course, the Green family pictures were great. Didn't see any of YOUR work there...?
    Well done, I hope you have made plenty of money for the church.

  6. What a wonderful thing to do - and I love your new picture - it is splendid! Wish I could have popped along and bought something myself! I love the idea! xxx

  7. You did have a lovely weekend for it! As usual we overbooked ourselves and I was sad not to make it along. Hope you raised a pile of cash though!

    Your brooches are lovely and very original. Stocking up for Christmas, by any chance?!

  8. What talented people you have in your area, what a treat!

    Love your Brooches.

  9. I love your brooches. The colour of fallen leaves. It's funny,I am really not an orange/brown person but come the autumn...I suppose it in our psyche. (I'm not into red and green either, but come Christmas...!)

  10. Hi Gina,

    The church is beautiful and how lovely of them to have an exhibition.
    I find it easier to work between drawing and stitching.'A change is as good as a rest' as they say.

  11. What a great exhibition in a lovely setting. I would have loved to have looked at the paintings, especially the botanical ones..... What a lovely purchase you/your husband made. You will enjoy for years to come.

  12. This exhibit seems to be a perfect meeting of art and spirit! I can imagine that lots of work by many folks went into making it a success.

    Congratulations to all involved.

    Let me also say that I think your new brooches are quite beautiful. Bet that they will quickly find takers.

    Best wishes.

  13. thanks for the art tour in your pretty church. very nice and so pleased that it went well for everyone....that treat from your dh is a beauty!

  14. Well done Gina,
    I don't know how you manage to do it all, it looked really good.


  15. Glad the exhibition was such a success.It's nice to know that here are communities out there working together!

  16. I too love the brooches. Will they be for sale anywhere?

  17. The exhibition looks super - what a clever idea to get those special display boards made! And your brooches are beautiful.

    Lucy x

  18. lovely brooches Gina and looked like an amazing exhibition.##xx

  19. What a lovely exhibition, and such talent in your village.
    I love your Autumn brooches, they're soo....... pretty.

  20. All lovely work. I love the Sue Blackburn stitching. Lucky you to have such a fabulous piece hanging in your hall


  21. What an interesting place to have an art sale. I'm glad it was a success -- I know churches struggle with the upkeep of the beautiful buildings these days. Love your little brooches!

  22. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog - the letting go is one of the hardest things about motherhood, I think!

    I love the brooches above - beautiful autumnal colours.

    Pomona x


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