Saturday, 24 October 2009

Amateur Dramatics

I seem to have lost the desire to blog this week, possibly because it has been such a busy week. There has been more drawing... lots and lots more drawing. But that's a story for another time.

There has been teaching... lots and lots of teaching, including a lovely workshop today at Art and Stitch with ten fabulous ladies... samples of their work in progress below.

And there have been outings, but mostly I've been busy with our village amateur dramatic group. When I joined the group eighteen years ago it was solely to help out behind the scenes. I did a fair bit of scenery painting... the following is a set from The Snow Queen.

I've also made numerous costumes.. specialising in Dame outfits!

And I've also directed one or two productions in the past.

And despite protestations that I would never go on stage... I've been known to do a song and dance or two...

The occasional period drama...

One or two comic roles....

And have even been known to expose my legs in younger days.

But this summer I had my arm twisted and I've returned to directing. Since the beginning of September we have been rehearsing The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. It is a fabulous play with an amazing cast and I can honestly say it is one of the best productions I've been involved in since joining the Players in 1991. So if you are anywhere near Steeple Morden next week I can recommend a brilliant night out for only a fiver each! I'll try to get pictures of our dress rehearsal this week... but I'm sure you will forgive any temporary absence. I'm just a little busy.


  1. Gina! That photo again! I need a lie down after seeing such marvellous pins. Loving the period drama shot - excellent headgear.

    That does sound like a fabulous night out. I shall have a word with Mr P.

  2. Not a bad pair of pins there Ms Ferrari and I recognise that Dame! As I recall he has a good pair of pins too! Cheeky! lol

    Your collage of our fun day today looks great. Didn't everyone do well? I really enjoyed today, hectic as ever but it all seemed to fall into place and I think I'm in love - with zigzag FME! Thank you for some great teaching, you didn't give a hint of having had such a busy time. I was nearly undone when I had to run for the train (an hour wait otherwise) towing a sewing machine behind me and lugging my box of bits! It took me half the journey home to recover! :o)

  3. How do you fit it all in? Was I ever that energetic even 25 years ago? I'm green with even for a pair of legs like that! Good luck with it all and the drawing is great too.

  4. Is there no end to your talent?
    (Or your legs?)

  5. Oscar Wilde! What an absolute treasure to humanity he was and with you as his directorial partner it should be a marvellous production.

  6. How exciting! I loved theater in school, and now I just watch. I love to give my students a taste of the real stage in Winnipeg, Manitoba every year. Even if they think they are going to hate it, they love it. Keep up the great work.


  7. Good grief! Are there more hours in the day in Steeple Morden?

    Good luck with the production - it is a wonderful play. And then next week you can get back to the slow lane when you are just teaching/preparing your assignments and cooking fabulous food.

  8. I loved your post today Gina, you made me smile with your am dram, I loved the work of your students too and I see that Julie enjoyed your workshop very much. Have a lovely weekend, love Carolyn x

  9. brilliant pics Gina - and those legs, wowee!!!! If mine looked that good i'd get them out more often! I know i've said this in the past but you are one amazing lady!


  10. This post has just confirmed it - you're NOT a mere mortal like the rest of us!
    'Break a Leg' next week!

  11. Just a thimbleful.....

    And what you did not mention was that also into your busy week you took a day off to go to Bury St Edmunds with the Cambridge ERTWF members ! It was a nice day out, wasn't it?
    Keeeeeeeep dancing......

  12. i am not surprised you have not had a lot of time to blog this week.
    love all the costumes... i was involved in the theatre in my past and really miss it... the excitement of putting on a production... everyone working so hard towards the same goal and seeing it all come together... what fun!
    wish i lived closer.. i would love to come!
    ginny x

  13. Just a thimbleful...

    Where did that extra W come from ? I meant Eastern Region Textiles Forum ! Still, the W could have stood for Women!

  14. Phew Gina! I just don't know how you do it all!
    Best of luck for the production - break a they say....just don't literally break a leg....!


  15. Hi Gina
    The pics of our work look great! I have just cut my piece down to size and I love it - what a great technique and thanks for a great day.
    PS - good legs!!!

  16. I agree with what they have all been saying about you Gina and about those lovely legs too.
    I just don't believe the post above which I read first.

  17. Wow! you certainly are a woman of many talents!
    Love your students work.
    I soo......... know what you mean re the HW I've just given up, but it's not the answer, I feel awful about it, wouldn't it be nice to have a HW fairy :-)

  18. Great pics from your theatre work--I majored in Drama and loved TIBE--great show!

  19. Holy Cow Ms. Gina -- you've been a busy, busy girl! Sounds like lots of fun -- you're going to need a rest when it's all over! ;-)


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