Friday, 2 October 2009

Keeping Warm

It's that time of year when thoughts turn to keeping warm... and that includes little Innocent Smoothies. It's that time when all smoothies require little woolly hats. And for every smoothie sold wearing a woolly hat, Sainsburys will donate 35p to Age Concern which of course will help lots of elderly people keep warm too. You can read all about the Innocent Smoothie Big Knit HERE where there are full knitting instructions too.

And there is still a couple of weeks before the hats need to be posted so time to whip up one or two if you are handy with the knitting needles.

Not sure how this one crept in in October....

So join in... knit a hat... and help keep someone warm

They are also the perfect displacement activity when avoiding the ironing... or in my case more drawing!


  1. The cutest little hats ever.

  2. They are so cute and would also be perfect for the endless bald dolls lounging around here! x

  3. Just a thimbleful...

    Gina - I keep saying it, your boundless energy leaves me breathless!
    I am still struggling to finish DD2's beastly scarf! I suppose you knocked all those up in between making a sponge cake and doing your homework!

  4. Love the hats! I'm starting to think that you have more hours in your day, than I do?

  5. They are SO pretty, Gina, where DO get the time?

  6. lovely knitted hats there, Gina, great selection,


  7. We were discussing these at Knitting Club this week at school. As it is only our third week we figured perhaps we might aim to join in next year ;-)

  8. I have some mad variegated wool left over from sock knitting that would fit the bill nicely. Best get my needlkes clicking!


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