Monday, 13 October 2008

Some Advertising!

I had a wonderful time at the Knitting and stitching show on Thursday and was remarkably restrained in my purchases! Some sock yarn, a few skeins of thread and a couple of books because most of the time I was chatting to people... fellow Opus students, fellow Missenden tutors, some of my current and ex-students and of course some bloggers - Stephanie, Dale, Lynda and Maggie. I also met a "lurker" (I'm sorry I can't remember your name!) who recognised me whilst I was trying on a gorgeous jacket. Ah yes... the jacket.... I bought that too!

Since Thursday I've been doing a lot of thinking and reassessing. For a while now I've been feeling exhausted and slightly run down. Lots of headaches, trouble sleeping etc. and over the weekend I decided some things had to change. I've made a difficult decision to give up some of my work committments and to concentrate on my own work and my adult teaching. I will miss working in schools and the community work but I know it's the right thing to do because already I feel much better and more relaxed. And talking of adult teaching....

On Thursday I'm teaching a machine embroidery class at Art Van Go - Machined Textures. We will be looking at various ways of building up texture with the sewing machine resulting in a landscape panel like these:

So if you live near or within easy reach of Knebworth (good rail links from London) and fancy a fun day out there are still places on the course. Just ring Art Van Go on 01438 814946. I would love to meet you!
And while I'm advertising... do you remember these dubious gentlemen?

I finally finished three more tea cosies to go into my badly neglected Etsy Shop.

Two have already sold but there's still this one left!


  1. I too am feeling quite tired and run down because I have so much on. I feel guilty when I sit down and do nothing - which never lasts long - I'm always on the go. Sadly the only thing I can give up would be my sewing, and I can't do that. It's hard to give things up isn't it.

    I love your tea cosy's. I don't drink tea but if I did these would be in my collection :o)


  2. luv the tea cosies - just great fun! i dont know how you have time to make anything with your hectic schedule!!
    sometimes downsizing a bit makes life easier and lot more enjoyable instead of always feeling you are not giving everything your very best - we can't be brilliant all the time!!!


  3. I agree with wonderwoman,it will benifit your own work.
    Wish it was not so far to your course,it sounds great fun.x

  4. Oh how I wish I could do machine embroidery like that. It's a definite 'to do in the future' for me as I just love the finished article but have no idea at all how to go about it.

    Sometimes it takes quite a bit of courage to assess, take stock, and decide to change things. Well done you.


  5. You've made the right decision Gina. It's too easy to take on too much and suddenly feel completely overwhelmed.

    I'm just sooooo glad you didn't decide the blogging had to go!!!!!


  6. Love those the tea cosies...wish I was still in Hertfordshire!

  7. Sounds like you have made the right decision Gina. I was sorry to hear that you had been feeling low too. There seems to be a lot of people feeling the same.

    Your class is very tempting but too short notice for me this time.

    Now, just a minute, you're not playing fair ;o) Where's the gratuitous picture of the new jacket??? Glad you had a lovely day at the Show.

  8. I wish you all the best, I'm sure you made the right decision.

    Agree with Julie, where's the picture of the jacket?!?

  9. I'm not surprised you were beginning to feel overwhelmed .... do you ever stop?!

    Your tea cosy's make me smile, it's no wonder they're snapped up as soon as they hit your shop.

    Gorgeous tea towel totes and tins too!


  10. Well done for concentrating your energies rather that "spreading yourself too thin". I can understand the relief of jetisoning some of the load.

    You need some time to bake a cake!

  11. good plan, Gina - you will end up resenting work if you spread yourself about too much.

    Fab tea cosies!

  12. I will echo other commenters in saying that it sounds like you've made the right decision.

    And I will also say: Yay! There are more more tea vicars! (That sentence looks a bit weird typed out, but I've done it now so I'm not going to delete it again.)

    My more tea vicar *never* fails to make me grin like a loon, and we use him quite regularly... so I spend a lot of time grinning like a loon. But my more tea vicar makes me a happy loon, so it's all to the good :o)

    ... Anyway, I think my main point was that I'm glad that there are now more more tea vicars, as it means that other folk will now also get to grin like loons and feel happy. You're doing a public service creating the little fellas :o)

  13. Fantastic tea cosy! Love it! Made me laugh! Good luck I enjoy following your blog.

  14. I'm so relieved! I thought you were going to say you were cutting back on blogging! Please don't ever do that!

    Sorry that you are not feeling great though - I hope the reduction in pressure makes a big difference to you.

    Only a month now until CL - can't wait!!!

    Lucy xxx

  15. Good luck with your plans, I really hope it works out for you.

  16. Well done on that decision making!! I hope you continue to feel better. I think your Vicar t-cosies are FANTASTIC!!! I might have to think of someone who needs one of those for xmas!! x

  17. Sometimes it is wise to re-assess your commitments and reprioritise.

  18. It sounds very sensible to cut down - and I'm sure you're far too sensible to do what I always do and fill in the 'free time' with more stuff!

    If I had someone to look after the Tiny one you can bet I'd be there like a shot tomorrow ...

  19. I love the Dubious Gentlemen - they make me wish I used a teapot. The textured machine embroidered panels are just gorgeous. I hope you will continue to feel better now you have scaled down your commitments - it is so easy to overload oneself, and it can cause actual physical symptoms.

  20. I wish I lived nerer Knebworth! (And also that I had less on my plate... I defintely need to learn to say more no, or even once!) Glad you're feeling better x

  21. I really don't blame you for giving up school and community projects. they are a lot of hard work and in my experience in schools as a supply teacher they take all the credit and add it to their Cv while you supply the materials and the energy, often for very little pay.(Do I sound bitter? I did a completely freefelt day for one school but as soon as thier deputy retired she got all the supply work!)

  22. Love the tea cosy's. SOunds like a good day at the show, it freaks me out when people come up to me and say they know me from my blog...I instantly go red, not that it happens often. All the best with your decision.


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