Friday, 17 October 2008

In the Pink.

Originally intended for the raffle at our "pink" fund raising evening... but not finished in time.

This is Lily the Pink

with some pink lilies.

Which let's face it...

are a lot prettier than her!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. Quick! I think your pink friend has just spotted the bottle of wine you planned to drink while having a relaxing evening ...

    Put her in the Etsy shop
    - that'll keep her quiet!


  2. Oooh! I agree with Celia - I bet Lily the Pink will quickly be up to no good! But don't you think she'd prefer something fizzy like Lambrusco? Surely your wine would be safe!

    Lucy xxx

  3. She definately needs a nicely chilled Rose.

    Cedric Splatt begs to differ - he finds Lily strangely alluring :)

  4. Locket - did you not know, Gina is partial to a nice bottle of babycham, she just doesn't like to admit it ;)

    Lily looks like she'd get herself into all sorts of trouble on a night out - knickers and bra on show, flashing at passers by.

  5. Well I quite like her. She has an interesting 'edge' ;-)


  6. I think Lily is asa beautiful as the Lily's :)


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