Thursday, 9 October 2008

Buttons and Bags

On a couple of occasions I've spied these Cath Kidson tins in John Lewis but whilst in Cambridge this morning I could resist no longer! I think they are so pretty!

The button tin is nowhere near big enough to hold all my buttons but it makes a good container for all the really bright coloured ones.

Talking of buttons... I've been making more of the reverse applique buttons, this time revealing some printed fabric with tiny bees! The one on the left is hand stitched with three layers of fabric cut through - not something I'll be repeating in a hurry. The other one was machine stitched through two layers.

I've also been sewing some tea towel totes! Pam brought in a lovely bag to our last C & G class made from a pair of tea towels so I thought I'd give it a try.

In less than an hour I'd made two completely reversable bags... and a pot af tea. Very quick and easy. You can find a tutorial for making them here. While I was in the garden taking the photos this woodpecker was pecking (silently) away at the grass. He's a frequent visitor to our garden. I always imagine he has a hangover when he pecks the grass rather than the trees!

I love his colouring! Tomorrow I'm at the Knitting and Stitching show. I'll be on the Missenden Abbey stand from 10am until 12.30 pm so come and say hello if you are there!


  1. Oh gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

    Gorgeous tins! I want some too!

    Gorgeously fabulous bags - I've just bookmarked the tutorial - but what did you use for the straps? Is it cotton twill tape like the tutorial or something else?

    And very gorgeous woodpecker - my parents have lots of lesser spotteds in their garden - but never on the lawn. I love the idea of yours having a hangover!!!

    Lucy x

  2. Lovely tins. The bags are very nice and I just love those buttons I can see them been used in so many places. Are they going in your Etsy shop?. Enjoy tomorrow.

  3. So much loveliness - the tins, the buttons, the bags and the bird! Mum has a green woodpecker at her house - crikey, don't they make a racket?!


  4. Lovely things! The bags are fun - such great colours!

    I love the way the Green Woodpeckers bounce around the lawn!


  5. I am so jealous that you get to go to the knitting and stitching show at this time of year. I have to wait until november and it takes an age to come round. the Cath Kidston tins are lovely, last christmas I got two each of the other design pin and button tins, one set from my daughter, one from my hubby, they were mortified that they got me the same thing but I was really pleased!

  6. Ooh what lovely tins! I may have to see if our John Lewis have any.

    I love your tea towel bags!!

    I'm going to be a birdie bore now - the green woodpecker eats ants so that probably why he's pecking your lawn. I happen to think the hangover theory is more fun!!


  7. I could just cut and paste Kittys comment ! Button tins are so lovely..I had an inherited stash and there was little tiny old tin about half ATC size it was from Boots and olive green and said 'Potassium Permanganate' on it. When I opened it there were some beautiful purple faceted beads/button inside. I am now using them can't keep these things forever!

  8. Love the bags Gina - I really fancy making one, but after an exhausting day working at Ally Pally it's going to have to wait for another time!

  9. Beautiful bags Gina. The tutorial makes them look fairly straightforward. I'll have to look out for some lovely towels and give it a go. Thanks for the link.

    I'll make you jealous now, there was a Cath Kidson shop in St Ives! You won't believe it but I didn't go in!

    I hope you have a good time at the K & S Show. I'm with Karen, I have to wait till the November Show in Harrogate. Have fun!

    We used to get Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers where I used to live across town but not here.

  10. great bags and what a good idea - i'm just gonna have to make me one of those - will have a look at the tutorial now!
    soo wish i was going to ally pally - but maybe another year!

    have a great time and spend lots!


  11. Don't you just love Cath Kidson! Loving the bags too!

  12. Hi there!Nice to visit your blog.
    I don't think the tin would take all of my buttons either!! I recently discovered some lovely buttons (on my blog,the post before last)by Autumn Leaves.
    I live in a house called, 'Woodpeckers'!!
    We have the Woodpeckers all the time in our garden,along with Nuthatches and a variety of other garden and woodland birds.
    I love to watch them. ;-)

  13. How did I ever get so behind on blog reading?!! The botton tin is lovely and your reverse work buttons are so intricate. You must be very patient? Happy birthday to Jacob and I know how you feel! xx

  14. Beautiful woodpecker, beautiful bags (very stylish too) and those gorgeous buttons. I can't imagine they were run up quickly, but I'm going to take a look at the bag tutorial and might try one of those.

  15. I love your buttons and bags. I made a little tote from a single Cath Kidston teatowel, bought on sale - too small to be useful for big shopping but perfect for a few tiny bits and pieces. And they wash well too!

  16. You have been busy! I have so many buttons now they have to live in jars!

  17. mmm...feeling a case of tin envy coming on...may have to take immediate action to prevent major infection.

  18. Love the totes, what a great idea!


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