Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Redressing the Balance

I started this blog 15 months ago as a way of charting my progress through my degree - a sort of visual diary to keep me on track. But it has evolved into so much more. Cakes, sock creatures, family life... not to mention the occasional pair of pink pants, all seem to have taken over. So I thought it was time to redress the balance. This semester I'm taking a module called Cultural Stitch and for my first assignment I'm looking at the reverse applique Mola work of the Kuna Indians from the San Blas Islands, Panama.

I've started with some sketchbook work, looking at the designs, the techniques and the colours.

I've played around with some different fabrics.

And some more cut out designs using patterned papers.

Which in turn have led to a sample using patterned fabric.

More playing in my sketchbook and I've been looking at things that are revealed and concealed, especially snippets of text.

I've changed the scale and started to look at tiny bits of text revealed

Which in turn has led to these little reverse applique buttons.

I'm not entirely sure where it is all eventually leading but I'm having a lot of fun playing. Talking of Opus... or more specifically Prism (the Opus exhibiting group), I can share my good news with you now that I've had official confirmation. My piece of work has been accepted for the exhibition in the Mall Galleries in March 2009 - but not only that, it has been retained to be photographed for publicity photos. I can't tell you how excited I was about that! When the publicity comes out I can share some pictures with you!
Totally unrelated... there's a 200th post giveaway on Itching2bstitching to high light Breast Cancer Awareness month so do go have a look.
Plus I'm taking part in Indigo Blue's Christmas decoraton swap - thank you Kitty for sending me the code for the link on my sidebar!


  1. that was just awesome - you are one talented lady!! and many congrats!


  2. Thats lovely to see the progression in the work from inspiration to samples. I'm just a 'copier'. Don't do nearly enough design work and sampling.
    The driving force behind our felt group, Fiona, is a member of prism. I wonder if you know each other?

  3. I used to take notes for a deaf illustration student and loved to sit in on her lectures and see everybody's progression from the beginning of the project, through the research and trial stage to the end product. I miss those classes so it was doubly exciting for me to see your progress - thanks for sharing!!

  4. I love the reverse appliqué 'experiments'. Mum took a workshop on reverse appliqué and made a really interesting piece - she didn't like it as much as I did. I like your 'playing' very much.

    Congratulations on the Prism display - can't wait to see whatever it is!


  5. Thanks for sharing some of your work you have been doing through your degree Gina. I have found these photo's very interesting. And I admit I did smile when I saw the Kaffe Fassett fabric (mmm).

    A big congratulations on your work being accepted by the Mall Galleries in March 2009. How exciting that you work will be in some of the publicity photo's too!

    You are so talented Gina (nd so lovely and friendly too). This couldn't happen to a nicer person!

    Sending a big congratulatory hug your way.

    Dot xx

  6. Fantastic news, how I wish I could do this course with you.
    Its lovely to see your sketch book and working ideas.
    Congratulations on having your work chosen for the exhibition, perhaps I will be able to come and see it.x

  7. Amazing such beautiful work. I can't wait for the exhibiton, definately one for the folder!.Well done to Stuart for taking your work to be assessed if he hadn't we would of missed out on something rather wonderful.

  8. Thats fabulous news. Your work looks so interesting too.

  9. Well done Gina, although its not surprising they picked your work,you are one talented lady and a very good teacher ( see how I am sucking up here)!

  10. Gina, your work constantly amazes me - you are so talented!

  11. Congratulations Gina - looking forward to seeing the pictures of your work. It's interesting hearing about your degree course...you never know...maybe one day I will get to do it. Your blog is giving me a real insight to it.


  12. Oh! don't you just love the molas??!! I am intrigued with where you have taken them in your sketches. Yum.

  13. Oh golly Gina, your talent just leaves me breathless! I would be totally stranded on your course! Huge congratulations about your good news! Lucy x

  14. I always love seeing your degree work Gina. It's fascinating to see how the pieces develop.

    Congratulations on your work being picked too!! Can't wait to see you in print :)


  15. Congratulations on your Prism piece, Gina! I shall have to make a date in my diary.

    Thank you for an interesting post. I am a bit vague about reverse applique but you have some lovely ideas here.

    Oh yes, Angela, thank you for the reminder, well done Stewart too :)

  16. Wow! Congratulations on your Prism display and publicity shoot! I can't wait to see the pics! That reverse applique looks v. interesting. x

  17. Congratulations - we will have to arrange a class trip to the Mall Galleries. and I love the "heart" piece - hearts are my thing!
    I think secretly I'm a bit of a romantic x

  18. Awesome sketchbook. Love the reverse applique buttons (maybe you could cover them with decorative darning and restore my faith in that particular skill!). Fabulous news about Prism

  19. What marvellous news! Though we all secretly expected it...

    Fabulous sketches and workings. I must investigate further...

  20. This is so cool, I wish my college had had something like this when I was there, what a neat way to study. Your work is lovely. I love molas.

  21. Gina ~ you are one hell of a woman!


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