Thursday, 16 October 2008

Art Van Go

I've had such a lovely day at Art Van Go today that it didn't feel like work! I thought you might like to see some of the results of the students' hard work though. Jo put together some lovely colours and did all her preparatory stitching only to have problems with her machine so she couldn't stitch it all together but I thought the colours were so beautiful together. It will be fabulous when she manages to get it finished.

That said they all need to have some more stitching before they are finally complete but they are all looking good.
This one below is by Chris.

This is by Joan

This is by Margaret

And last but not least this is by Angela

They were all beautiful and all so different which is what I love about a class like this. Fancy joining us next time? I'll be back at Art Van Go on April 3rd and June 13th next year!
When I got home I was treated to a lovely surprise. Julia had promised to send me some soap nuts but inside the parcel was this as well as some soap nut tea bags...

A novel about Havana which she had mentioned on her blog recently along with a CD of some Cuban music... perfect to transport me right back there! Unfortunately she couldn't work out how to send the Mojitos so I'll have to make do with a glass of wine tonight. After three days of teaching I feel like I deserve one. Thank you Julia.


  1. Lovely inspiring work and great colour choices.

  2. They all look lovely, but why isn't yours there?. We had a great day and I would highly recommend it to everyone.

  3. Oh my those pieces are wonderful. I really, really want to have a go one day.

    Like Angela says ... where is yours?

    That Julia is a bit fab, isn't she? What a lovely parcel.


  4. You are an inspiring teacher Gina. I am determined to get to one of your classes before too long.

  5. wow they look fantastic andthe colours are gorgeous!


  6. Brilliant work and a lovely gift too! I was showing one of my friends your blog yesterday and she got very excited about all your different textile pieces - just what she would love to learn to do! Lucy x

  7. What great work from your students! I love the variety in their work.

    That Julia's a good 'un! Enjoy your book :)


  8. Beautiful stitching, happy reading. Jane x

  9. These are gorgeous and love the colours in Jo's piece but then I am probably biased because it reminds me of the beach!

  10. OOOHH!! Move over Ruth Issett! Congratualtions on your successful Workshop. Is it near where you live? Datchett is all I can remember.


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