Saturday, 2 August 2008

Skirts and Shorts

We're going away for a few days soon.
It's very hot where we're going.
I need some skirts to wear.
But my skirts are too tight.
I've been eating too much chocolate and it has made my clothes shrink!
Then I remembered a remnant of fabric bought a long time ago...
so I made a skirt!

There wasn't actually enough fabric to make a waistband so I used bias binding instead.

And being very lazy I decided to use the binding on the hem too. I thought it looked quite "Boden" and trendy.

Not bad for under a tenner and the whole lot took under three hours and that included inserting a zip. I might have to make another one!

There has been some other sewing going on too following a conversation with Joe:

"You're good at sewing Mum"
" Do you think you could mend my shorts? They've got a bit of a rip."
"Let me see"

" Glad it's not a big rip then."

Just look at those tatty edges... how on earth was I meant to fix that!

Ha! He won't ask me again in a hurry.


  1. Do you know? That's amazing! I knew there was a connection between chocolate and shrinking clothes! My wardrobe has seen a considerable amount of chucking out and re-stocking recently.

    Your skirt looks very a la mode! And the mending looks fine to me.

    Hope you have a good trip when you go. Sounds exotic!

  2. Great skirt! I hope you'll have a nice trip. It's rainy and cold here so I know you're not on your way to Sweden.:-)

  3. You do know that Joe is highly unlikely to even notice that mend, right?

  4. Lovely skirt Gina, your quite right it does look very Bodenesque.
    As for the mending you did a very good job. Much better than Joe could of done. I have lost count of the number of times I have been asked to mend a pair of jeans just as they are about to walk out of the door.Teenagers they don't know how lucky they are.
    Have a great holiday.

  5. do you think there might be a similar connection between cheese and shrinking clothes? Or donuts? Or pizza? Because i don't really eat that much chocolate...

    Nice skirt -and I agree, the contrasting hem is very in at the moment anyway, so it looks like you intended to do that from the outset.

  6. The skirt looks great, I love the binding round the hem. Have a good time away!

  7. Joe's 'You're good at sewing Mum' comment is up there with that summer school 'What's for dinner Mum?' text...

    I looked at your skirt and remembered that not only is Liverpool European City of Culture 2008, it's also well known for it's penchant for fake tan. I'll add a couple of spray cans to my shopping list next week.

    Enjoy your break!

  8. What a smart bit of darning ;)

    Your skirt is lovely - gorgeous fabric and I love the binding.


  9. Jewellery-making's all very well - in three hours I could knock up a very quick tiara - to wear to the supermarket perhaps - but not half an outfit! Top top skills there and what a fab result! It also looks rather like something from Toast - gorgeous.

  10. Bias binding is ok. Whatever you do don't use elastic..that just makes your waist get bigger.

  11. What a great skirt! And I laughed so hard at your kidding about the shorts repair. I think though that it turned out looking cool and might well be that your "plan" on not getting asked again soon has backfired!

  12. What is it with people?! (Well male family members then). They think 'cause you enjoy stitching creatively that you like mending stuff? My OH can't understand why I don't leap up and down with excitement when he asks me to repair holes in his pockets!! :o)
    Fab skirt btw

  13. That's exactly what my husband does - produces some horrifically damaged piece of clothing with a look of eternal hope! Fabulous skirt and what a bargain for £10.


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