Monday, 18 August 2008

More Plums

I'm gradually making my way through the plums. Yesterday we had a large plum and hazelnut crumble which my lot consumed long before I had a chance to whip out the camera. Today there has been more jam and a plum cake...

Adapted from a recipe in my very favourite cook book, (I could sit and just read it for hours) Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries for "a wonderfully moist, fresh plum cake"

He's not wrong... wonderful, moist and perfect still warm with a dollop of thick cream! (This one's for you Maggie!)

And there are still plums left!


  1. just perfect, i could eat a slice of that with my cup of tea now! i know its early but it looks sooo good!

  2. Oh Gina that looks really delicious. If that Nigel Slater book's a recommendation then it might be put on the Christmas list. I wonder if the cake would still work with wild bullaces - they're much smaller but still tasty and I picked a pound or two from the hedgerows yesterday.

  3. Delicious!

    Almost as delicious as the quilts and Klimt in the previous post...

  4. Oooh, don't you just love Nigel? I like to read his 'Real Food' book just for his descriptions of all the dishes...mmm...

  5. Lovely. One of my favourite cooking smells is stewing plums!

  6. Oh Gina that looks so scrummy!

  7. Now Gina, that's just not fair! It looks so delicious and you live much too far away for me to accidentally drop in at pudding time! You need to think more carefully about what you post if you are not to torment your bloggy friends like this!

    Lucy x

    P.S. Millie Boggle has been travelling today and even visited the allotment (albeit in a bag in the back of the car so she didn't get mucky!)

  8. Oooh lovely - I wish I'd seen this yesterday...before I turned five pounds of donated plums into yet more jam!!

    I love Nigel Slater's recipes - I got a little version of Real Fast Food free with a magazine ages ago but may need to wander over to Amazon now...


    p.x. there seems to be a theme developing here's not that I'm a copycat it's just that you are so inspirational/such a bad influence!!


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