Thursday, 14 August 2008


I was given these today... about 10lb of plums!

Which was wonderful but I really needed to work on my essay... but tomorrow I'm going away for a couple of days (I know I only just got back!) so I had to do something with them now.

Not really what I wanted to be doing while I cooked dinner but it had to be done and I've got five pots of plum jam as a result. Only 8 lb of plums left to deal with now....

I leave you with a one of the better things about this wet weather...

while I go off to pack a bag. I'm off to the Festival of Quilts with my friend Jude tomorrow
Joe: " Festival... cool... will there be beer and tents and music and stuff?"
Me: " No there will be cups of tea and quilts."
Joe: " Ha! Ha! Not much of a festival. Why are you going for two days?"
Me: " Because we are going on to Liverpool to see the Klimt exhibition at the Tate."
Joe: (With loud guffaws) " There's a Tate in Liverpool???"
Me: " Yes Joe - It's European City of Culture."
Joe: (Falling off his chair with even louder guffaws) " Yeah right!"
There then followed several tasteless jokes about Liverpool. My sincere apologies to all friends and readers from Liverpool for the crassness of my son. I'm actually looking forward to it.


  1. No wonder you missed him so much while he was away :)

    I hope you have a wonderful time at the Festival of Quilts. If you see my Aunty Margaret there, say hi from me!


  2. Saw the Klimt exhibition last week, and it was brilliant: you'll enjoy it. The other show on is worth seeing, too. Look out for the wild Superlambananas around Liverpool while you're there: a number are flocking near Albert Dock. Have fun!

  3. Hmm, our Cilla would not be pleased!!!!

    In the great Carry On tradition - 'lovely plums matron!'. Seriously though, plum jam is one of my faves and I don't have my in my current jam collection so I'm quite envious.

  4. Have a great tiem at the FOQ Gina! There's stacks to see! I did see the Prism display and it was very innovative. Your work is definitiely going in the right direction I would say. Enjoy the Klimt too. Maybe Joe should go too?

  5. Ooo! Klimt! I love him. Look for the one of the Viennese Opera House. It's my favourite :-)

  6. yum, plum jam, one of my favourites and the first jam i ever tried making, mind you have not made any for a while!
    have a great time.

  7. Hope you enjoy your visit to Liverpool. The Superlambananas will make you smile. I live there and I've still not been to see Klimt. Joe will definitely have to come and see what he is missing.

  8. Lovely looking jam. Children are just wonderful aren't they when it comes to the art of conversation.
    Enjoy your trip.

  9. Oh I'm so envious of your trip!!!! Have a fantastic time and make sure you take loads and loads and LOADS of photos for those of us who couldn't go!!!

    Lucy x

  10. Quilts and Klimt - oh wow!

    It sounds like a perfect weekend.

  11. Hope you enjoyed the festival of quilts, do you have pics? The Klimt exhibition looks great on all the promo stuff, wish I could get there.

  12. Quilts, Klimt exhibition, plum jam and The Book Thief have all played their part in atracting me to your blog. Lots of fun. I will come back again.


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