Wednesday, 27 August 2008

A Quick update...

to let you know that all the outfits except Father Christmas have gone to good homes. The BFG has gone to live in the Moogsmum house, Fred Locket will soon be Froggy Locket, Woody is going to Jenny's two little ones, Little Miss P1 will soon be little Miss Pumpkin and Aladdin has become an Dotty Arabian princess who will look beautiful I'm sure. Thank you for accepting my junk with such enthusiasm! Santa is still up for grabs and there will be more later in the week.

Meanwhile thank you so much Jane for passing on this super award to me. I love your blog and so many others too that as usual passing it on is an impossible task. But I shall pass it on with the dressing up outfits to all you lovely ladies listed above!


  1. Hi Gina,
    just located your blog. How's the degree going. I've ound my current module 2.1 a real up hill struggle but I'm nearly there. Are you going to induction day on the
    20th. If so I'll see you there and get you up to speed on ERTF.
    Chris Spencer

  2. Thank you so much! Fred will be delighted! And thank you for the award too - I love your blog right back!

  3. Thankyou so so much Gina! There is one little pumpkin who will be very pleased indeed.

    Me: You know the lady who made you your Lola hair bobbles?

    Miss P1: Yes

    Me: She's giving you a pumpkin suit!

    Miss P1: Hurray!

  4. I am glad all the suits found a home, my boy hates dressing up!!
    Well done on the award too. x

  5. Wow, thanks or the award! Woody arrived this morning and is just so brilliant! Huge thanks, photos should be up on my Blog later. xxxx


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