Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Dressing up

After Joe's foray into the remains of our dressing up box to find pirate accessories I decided it was time to give it a thorough sort through and throw out. Then I had a bit of a brain wave...

But before I share my idea with you, first the results of some of my stitching into the felt. This was the piece I made as a background for a commissioned picture.

And this is the result after some free machining and applique.

I wasn't too sure about it at first but after the addition of the thistles I think I quite like it. I hope the recipient does too!

Anyway back to my brainwave... or really stupid idea depending on your viewpoint. After sorting through the dressing up clothes I realised that there were still about a dozen or so outfits that were still in relatively good condition despite their great age and it seemed a shame to throw them out. Then I thought of all you blogging friends out there who still have young children and it occured to me I could have a marathon giveaway... or off loading of my junk depending on your viewpoint!
So some rules...

1. I think I'm going to have to limit this to people in the UK only otherwise it will cost me an arm and leg in postage.
2. If you would like one of the outfits leave a comment stating which one (only one per person.)
3. First come first served because with so much stuff to giveaway I can't be doing with drawing names from hats.
4. If this proves popular I'll put some more up later in the week.

And now the outfits - all of which have been made by me and all have been laundered this weekend!:

1. The BFG
Okay, this first one is not really an outfit but just a big black cape with a hood and a snazzy waistcoat but Jacob wore it to book week as the BFG and was very happy with the way he looked! Will fit a 5-6 year old

2. Father Christmas
This comes without the beard but consists of jacket, hat, trousers and belt. Will probably fit a 7-8 year old

3. Aladdin
Hat, waistcoat and trousers (magic lamp not included) modelled by Joe. Another book week success! Will fit a 5-6 year old

4. Jack o' Lantern
There are two of these but due to their great age only one has survived intact, the slightly smaller of the two. Sam was only 2 here but I think it would fit a child up to about 5 -6. The black jumpers and trousers are not included. This was Ben and Sam about to go Trick or Treating in America about 22 years ago!

5. Frog
This consists of a very silly hat and green trousers and jumper (probably fit a 5-6 year old)

I couldn't find a picture of any of the boys wearing this so Joe very gamely demonstated how to wear the hat - also proving that the hat will fit a 19 year old!

6. Woody
This is Woody from Toy Story - again I couldn't find the photo but I think it will fit a 4-5 year old. It comes without a hat - our cowboy hats haven't stood the test of time. Just remembered it doesn't have a sherrif badge either because I made a large version of this a couple of years ago for Ben and he had the badge.

Leave a comment if you want one... or to tell me is was a silly idea!


  1. Oh my - am I really the first???

    I would just love ...all of them...no, sorry that's greedy...maybe the BFG...or the frog.....

    I'll leave it with you!

    Cannot believe you still have them all!!


  2. They are wonderful costumes aren't they! I don't have anyone that age now though :(

    I like the commissioned piece. The thistle works really well on the felt background.

  3. Aren't you brilliant to have them all - and be able to find most of the photos too! I'd love the froggy but I don't mind at all if it goes to Leserley as she got there first and she is my very lovely friend!!!!

    Brilliant idea by the way!

    And that commission is stunning!

    Lucy xxx

  4. Those photos are just magical! They made me smile. I'd like the small pumpkin if possible - so kind of you to do this giveaway!

    That thistle is so good my fingers felt rather spiky looking at it!

  5. Well I want the frog too and, somewhat less graciously than Locket, I DO mind if it goes to Leserley. Send it to me on the hill b/c I am the prettiest!!

  6. Great costumes. I do have a boy of about the right age, but none of those things is quite up his alley :) Now if you had an astronaut or anything related to Dr Who, or a dinosaur, well...

  7. Love the thistle piece. And thank you for stopping by my blog and the lovely comment on the notepad holder.

  8. Well done Joe for been such a stunning model. That is a very nice idea of your's Gina to give away the costumes there will be some happy children.
    Your commission looks lovely, I really like the thistle.

  9. I have two frantic children on my lap; one is shouting woody one is shouting Christmas so either would be super lovely! (I think Anna might just be feeding her beard obsession- most of the men (and a couple of the women!) in my family have them!)

  10. The thistles are stunning, Gina!

    And I am amazed you still have all your dressing up clothes - but I suspect there won't be any fairy princesses or mermaids or cheerleaders tucked away anywhere - will there?!

  11. I don't need dressing up clothes any more thank heaven. We have a stash of tyhem too..Mr Potato head, a chip butty, a 'Mont Vesuvious' firework to name but a few. Not very 'postable' in the english sense of the word...hmm..but maybe postable in the blog sense...
    Love the thistle piece.
    Knock knock
    Who's there?
    Thistle who?
    Thistle be a great success with the commissioner.

  12. Just chiming in to say how great the outfits look - the pumpkin ones made me laugh out loud!

    Your embroidery on felt is beautiful!

  13. Brilliant! It must have been a lovely trip down memory lane for you, getting out all those fabulous photos :)

    I'm massively impressed that not only do you have said photos to hand, but also that you've kept the outfits so carefully!

    I hope it won't be too sad to package them up and send them off, it's a lovely idea to pass them on.

    .... would that the Woody outfit would fit Simon ....


  14. your commission looks beautiful, such lovely colours.
    i think mine are too old for dressing up clothes now - such a pity because they are all great.

  15. Joe is much more obliging than my MasterM who would require payment to do that!

    I gave away all our dressing up kit some time ago - much fun for the small recipient but a saddish day for me.

  16. The thistle looks stunning on the felted background and I can see there's going to be some very happy kids (and mums) out there!

  17. Oh they are so cute, great models too!! Sadly as Twiglet is 3 and although a strapping lad none of them would have fit him. Great idea though!
    Twiggy x


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