Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Pirates and Poppies

This week there is another festival.
This was has nothing to do with quilts.
But lots to do with beer and tents.

Joe is off to the Reading Festival today, dressed as a pirate! I'm not sure why but it's something to do with be allowed to sit in the front of the car on the way down - I didn't enquire too deeply. Lucky we still have the contents of the dressing up box still lurking in a bag at the back of the garage. Notice he has given up asking me to repair rips in his clothes though.

I'm having a fun day making some samples for a new piece work but I can't show you because I'm hoping it will end up in a show in the new year. Instead I'll show you someone elses work. A few weeks ago Judy admired a photograph of some poppies that I had posted here and wondered if they might grow in Scotland. We had a conversation and as a result I sent her a packet of seeds from my poppies - not a lot of effort on my part. So imagine my surprise and delight when a parcel arrived fom Judy containing this beautiful felt embroidery.

And this fabulous felt brooch - which will be perfect on my winter coat. Thank you Judy - it was most unexpected and very generous. I love them both!

While I'm saying thank you there is another overdue thanks to go to Celia, who sent me this little parcel a few weeks ago...

Containing some fun badges

And a couple of her beautiful printed cards
for guessing that the strange objects on her blog were walnuts.
I love the print of the chicken.

Before I go a recommendation. Last night a friend and I went to see Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. It was a great film that felt like it belonged to another era with fabulous music and wonderful costumes. Very gentle, very English but with an edgy sense of humour. I'm off to order the book from Persephone Books I enjoyed it so much.


  1. I am currently experiencing true love for that felted poppy brooch. This lovely creator has shop d'y say? Hmmmm??

  2. Gorgeous poopies on that embroidery and what a lovely brooch - great for Nov 11th too. Thanks for the film recommendation.

    I received a similar lovely parcel from Celia for guessing the walnut pickle factory - I'm behind on my blogging!

  3. I think poor Emma probably has baby-type poopies on her mind lately! I had suggested to Mr Locket that we go and see Miss Pettigrew but he hadn't been inspired by the trailer - perhaps I should have persuaded him more firmly!!!

    Your poppy presents are lovely and it's nice to know you can always be a pirate no matter how "grown up" you are!

    Your goodies from Celia are lovely too - the cards are brilliant and I love the funny badges.

    Lucy x

    P.S As I've left you a fairly long message does that make up for all the blogs I haven't had time to comment on lately? Please say it does!

  4. amazing coincidence! have just got back from dropping off my daughter and a couple of friends to the reading festival! just thought i'd recover and look up a few blogs and read yours! Reading is some place - didn't get too lost tho!
    poppies are gorgeous. that film sounds just up my street,will go and see it when it comes to us

  5. Very stylish your son! ;o) Hope it stays fine for him, tho he'll probably enjoy whatever.

    Beautiful poppy pieces and Lovely cards from Celia. Clever lady.

    I hadn't heard of the film but I'll look out for it.

  6. Gina ~ we did'nt go off for days to parents would'nt have let for for a kick off. I'm thinking it's not fair! I've spent ...since Sunday washing husband sorting the tent out! So gurd ? your loins girl for his return! (I'm back onto the towel theme again!)

    Lovely pressies. We like pressies.

    Lovely post x

  7. I'm suffering from serious poppy-envy here. Hope you'll enjoy the book of Miss Pettigrew: I love it even more than the film...

  8. oooo lovely poppy prettiness or perhaps poopies :) That's a very good pirate look going on there.
    Twiggy x

  9. I love the poppies they are my favourite flower next to peonies.
    The pressies from Celia are lovely too.
    Hope Joe has a great time.

  10. Wow, you've been busy recently! What a lovely gift of poppies you received (although I think I quite like them term poopies ;), your trip out to Liverpool looked fun, and thanks for the reminder of the Liver Birds, and I just loved your Italian photos. We went to Italy too, wasn't it lovely to see the sun and blue skies?!

    And I think everyone should be made to dress up if they want to bagsy the "shot-gun" position in the car. Definitely.


  11. I have one offspring on her way to reading, the other on his way to Leeds, all backpacked up, far too much beer, not enough food and boy am I expecting some washing next week!

  12. You are such a great Mum to have kept their dressing up box!! Hope Joe had a swashbucklingly good time!

    Those poppies are wonderful - what a lovely lady and I love those little badges :)



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