Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Who has a Birthday Today?

who is still not as old as me!

I couldn't let the occasion pass without a little collage...

And then I found this when I was rummaging through the photos...

Speedo Man!
David Hasselhoff had better watch out!

Happy Birthday Stewart
Forgive me for the photos?
I love you!
I made you a cake...

This is the tried and tested chocolate cheesecake - well actually it is a caramel and chocolate cheesecake definitely not made for the faint hearted. With a whole jar of Dulce de Leche caramel toffee, 300g of Green & Blacks 70% chocolate, a tub of cream cheese and a tub of creme fraiche plus a base made from Hobnobs (oaty cookies for those not from these parts) it doesn't come under any description of low fat or healthy eating. My scribble in the margin beside the recipe reads "Anything with this number of calories per portion has to be worth it... and this is!"

I leave you with the birthday card to Stewart from my Mum and Dad....

Just as well... given that cake!


  1. happy birthday speedo man!!! What a fantastic picture, I think you should get it blown up and framed!!!

    That cheesecake looks delicious...save me a little piece!

  2. Great pics !! lol. i have just been catching up on your blog and i lurrvvv the fairy bag, great colours. Cute owl too, i just had to make one as soon as i saw the tutorial as well.
    Sarah x

  3. Two cheesecakes! (Or is one beefcake?)

  4. Happy Birthday to your Stewart! That cheesecake looks absolutely wonderful: I bet the swirly bits taste best :-D


  5. Happy Birthday, Stewart!

    But good grief, woman, are you trying to kill him with kindness?! Seriously, that cheesecake looks unbelievably fabulous. I hope you are both enjoying it right now ;-)

  6. Woohoo! You rock those speedos Birthday Boy!

    If you promise to make that birthday cake for me too I might be tempted into a pair of Speedos too!!!!!

  7. Happy birthday to Stewart, hope he enjoys the cheesecake. If not you can always send it my way as I am in need of something to get me kick started. I am sure all those calories will do it!

  8. Happy birthday Stewart! My own Stewart has his birthday on Monday next (and a party this Friday). I love the photos, very handsome!

    The cake looks to die for! With all those calories.......... Definitely one for full scale enjoyment not health. (Don't tell my Stewart, I don't do cakes!)

  9. Happy Birthday Stewart, looking very 007ish. Lovely photos too, and your cheese cake looks seriously scrummy. Jane x

  10. A belated Happy Birthday Stewart! I agree with Jane, you look very debonair and James Bond like in the top photo! And please forgive Gina for posting the others - the ones of you as a little boy are adorable!

    Great cake by the way! Can you post some up to me please????

    Lucy xxx

  11. Excellent beach trollies Stewart. Very 'Man at Austin Reed'! Cheese and pineapple on a cocktail stick anyone?

    That cake sounds as though it should come with a warning - the baking equivalent of the lighter fuel or similar. I really really want some.

  12. My goodness, it's a busy time for birthdays in your family! Hope Stewart had an excellent day -who wouldn't with a cake like that? I love the photo collage!

  13. Happy Birthday Stewart! I can see why you call him 'Mr Fan My Flame'!

  14. He's a handsome devil, isn't he? Complete with own furry arteries...

    All the best Stewart, may we see you again soon.

    From Jude and the other Mr Sock xx

  15. Belated Happy Birthday Stewart! Fab pictures - especially the Baywatch one ;)

    I should think you'd be forgiven anything Gina with such a fantastic birthday cake!



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