Saturday, 14 June 2008

Another Happy Birthday!

Next birthday... Joe (son no. 3!)... born nineteen years ago today at Watford General Hospital weighing in at a whopping 9lb 6 oz! Today Joe is in Sydney, Australia but we spoke to him this morning and he sounded as though celebrations were in full swing!

He said he was wearing his birthday present which we managed to send out to him... a T-shirt with this printed on the front! It's very apt... at least he thinks it is!

Hard to believe the years have gone so quickly.
There will be cake (it is baking as I type) but we're eating it tomorrow when my Mum and Dad will be here too.

Happy 19th Birthday Joe.... We miss you!
Other things going on here recently... You may recall I made this applique some time ago...

Which was based on this very splendid drawing by the very clever Minx (daughter of the very clever Moogsmum!)

Well I finally got around to turning it into a bag. I'd been trying to find a lining with fairies on but everything I tried was just the wrong colour pink, so it has a pretty floral lining instead. I've made it as a sample as I'm hoping to make a variety of commissioned items from children's drawings... there will be more to follow.

And I also made this little owl egg cosy from a tutorial generously given by another clever lady, Amy. It was lots of fun and could have gone into my last post as it was very quick and easy but as you can see, also very effective. This might be a present for someone... or I may just keep it!

And last but not least, not something I've made but something I bought for myself from Etsy from another talented lady Jackie who makes beautiful machine embroidered items and also has a lovely blog! The brooch is made from silk and velvet and the colours are fabulous... perfect match for sainsburys bags!


  1. Happy Birthday to your Joe.

    I know how hard it can be when the person you want to celebrate with is on the other side of the world, but he will have had a cracking time and thoroughly enjoyed himself and what else can we ask for on a birthday?!

  2. Happy Birthday Joe - love his t-shirt!!!

    Your bag is gorgeous! I have been taking my cushion that I made from Daisy's picture along to craft fairs with the idea of getting some business turning children's art into stitcheries - I hope we both do very well at it!!! (although I have to admit I like your style better - just need to learn how to do that machine embroidery!)

    I hope you have a lovely weekend - don't forget to show us the cake!

    Lucy xxx

  3. Happy Birthday to Joe :) Glad you managed to speak to him today.

    Enjoy your day tomorrow and,yes please, let us see the cake, preferably before you eat it! lol

    The little bag is lovely and I love the owl, very sweet.

  4. I can't think of anything nicer than celebrating your 19th birthday in Australia - I bet he had a fantastic day.

    He is only slightly older than my MasterM and so I can sympathise with you Gina - it is tough being the mum of independent children with itchy feet

  5. Happt birthday to Joe! Your egg cosy is so cute and the brooch fabulous, I love the colours. There are so many inspiring things on Etsy.

  6. Happy Birthday Joe! I hope he, and you, had a lovely day, even though you're far apart. (Though I must say - 9lb 6? A mere tiddler ;-)

    Your bag is so cute! I still haven't turned my little one's drawings into anything, but I have them stored up.

    Love the egg cosy - Amy is a clever one!

  7. Happy Birthday Joe!!

    I've gone rather breathless at that gorgeous bag with Minx's fairy on it!! I hope the commissions flood in as it's such a lovely idea :) I must show Minx when she comes back from school - she loves it when you use her pictures!


  8. Can't we just call your Joe 'Phwoar' and be done with it? ;-) Happy Birthday to him - hope he had a fabulous day.

    The cheesecake looks pretty good to me (oh and I have those table mats too!)

    Your bag is wonderful, and I'm now off to check out Jackie's blog.

    Take care. x

  9. Thanks for the link Gina. I have a Joe too.He's nearly 26..I can't believe it. The cake looks as if it tasted better than the one in the recipe book.


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