Friday, 27 June 2008

Mad mad week

I've had a crazy week full of workshops. It started on Monday in a school in Ely where I was running a series of bunting workshops with classes of year 3 children. The theme was "Summer" and there were some fabulous flags. In the short breaks between the individual classes I was frantically sewing the flags together to make the bunting which was hung in the hall for a final celebration of dance and poetry. This is part of a project in Cambridgeshire called Vital Communities. If you follow the link you can read more about this exciting project.

I love the dragonfly above

And this beautiful beach.
There were lots more but my camera battery ran out!

On Wednesday I was back with my ZigZag group. The following is a collage of some of the work done since last time, some ideas for a logo for our forthcoming website (watch this space!) and some cards and boxes made for sale for an Open Gardens Day that we are supporting.

I thought you might like to see a close up of this wonderful wall hanging by Bernice, beautiful spirals stitched on layers of sheer fabrics and cut out with a soldering iron.

The final workshop was yesterday afternoon where I spent a manic four hours in a Cambridge school back with Vital Communities running family workshops. Again it was a summer theme and we were making tissue and fabric flowers.

The idea was to wind them all around this trellis to make an indoor wall of flowers to stay in school.

But most of the children had other ideas and only about eight ended up on the trellis - the other forty odd that were made were taken home. And one even ended up as a hair decoration!

I finally got home about 8pm to find Ben had made dinner and Stewart had a bottle of fizz chilling to celebrate our anniversary. Thank you all for your wonderful kind wishes.
Now... I really must come off this computer and attempt to tidy up my house!!!


  1. what a busy and fruitful week you have had.
    I am looking forward to the lauch of the new website. The decorative work by Bernice looks lovely, time consuming to create but well worth the effort.
    I hope you enjoyed your wine.

  2. A busy week maybe, but it looks a fun and fulfilling one. Well done you - you did good.


  3. That looks great fun, I like the flowers! Congratulations on your wedding anniversary too.

  4. I don't know how you do it!!I feel exhausted just reading about your week!

    The flowers are fabulous - not surprised they went home.

    I'm so glad to hear those menfolk took good care of you :)


  5. Fab crafts and projects at your workshops. That spiral wallhanging is beautiful, but mystified about the soldering iron - how did that work?

    Even more gorgeous bunting - I agree, that beach is so cheerful with its bucket and spade.

  6. What a lot of loveliness! You've had quite a week! Those flowers are gorgeous - I wish you lived up here so my children could take part too!

  7. what a great week!

    ps LOVE those gold shoes!!!

  8. You have been busy! The ZigZag group's work is beautiful, I'm looking forward to seeing your website.

  9. Gorgeous work from your Zigzag ladies. They are a very talented bunch with an inspiring teacher.

    Similarly glad to hear Stewart and Ben took care of you. (Hope Ben's keeping well).


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