Sunday, 15 June 2008

Now about that cake....

I told Joe that even though he is on the other side of the world we would have cake to celebrate his birthday. He requested a chocolate cheesecake (as long as I make it again when he comes home!) Now I have a tried and tested chocolate cheesecake recipe but it contains raw egg and my Mum can't eat it, so I thought I would try something new. A striped chocolate cheesecake... and this according to the book is what it should look like.

However... this is what it actually looked like!
You could be forgiven for thinking I was trying to bake a model of the Grand Canyon.

Although it didn't look quite so bad when sliced...

... and this lot all thought it tasted pretty good. Stewart even had seconds!

( I seem to have cut my Dad and Ben out of the photo.)

So once again... Happy Birthday Joe!


I finished my latest "pair" of socks this afternoon. You might think I'm going for the Lucy Locket approach to sock making...

In fact I finished the first one of a pair I was making for myself when I suddenly remembered I'd bought some yarn to make a pair as a birthday gift for a friend... and his birthday is at the end of this month (as if we didn't have enough family birthdays at the moment!) So I abandoned my pair....

... to start this pair!

I've got two weeks left to make the second one! Meanwhile, come back on Tuesday for another birthday... and possibly more cake!


  1. Well I think the Lucy Locket approach to "pairs" of socks is a very good one!!!! Your cheesecake looks fabulous and I bet it tasted even nicer - and I love the family photo - although it should have you on too!

    Lucy x

  2. Cheesecake envy going on right now up here on the hill! I dare not show that pic to CK or I shall be chained to the cooker.

  3. The cake certainly looked better in profile! I'm now fancying chocolate cake! Good luck with the frantic sock knitting.

  4. You are so good with the socks, I can't seem to get past the heel on my first one. The cheesecake looks delicious, you did get the stripes in there.

  5. I think the cheescake looks yummy! They're meant to be cracked, of that I am quite convinced.

  6. That recipe book cheesecake has clearly had botox and is probably made with marmite and suet. Yours is a REAL cake. Bet it tasted brilliant. I could eat it in one sitting at the moment.

    I do love your socks, matching or not. Think you'd have some takers if you did etsy socks to order. I'd have two (mismatched) pairs for a start!

    Happy Birthday to Joe - fab portrait mosaic

  7. I much prefer your version of the cake! Lovely photo of the family :)

    Oooh - socks - still can't do 'em but love admiring everyone elses!


  8. Whoops, I left my comment about the cheesecake on the last post. Must have got side tracked. It happens ... I'm getting on.

    Those socks are wonderful. They look like they would be so lovely to wear.


  9. Yum, that cheesecake looked delicious, even in its more rustic state! I like the stripey socks.


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