Thursday, 26 June 2008

Four Years

Forgive me a little self indulgence today... but it's our fourth wedding anniversary. We were fortunate enough to be married in our village church which meant we got to walk down the road from home to the church. We made a procession, stopping the traffic (we don't get that much in the village) with my Dad and me, followed by four bridesmaids and my four boys. People came out and cheered us on the way which made us feel like Royalty! I was telling my Dad to get his hands out of his pockets here...

Leading the procession was this fabulous piper

I made my dress and the bridesmaids' dresses and my Mum did all the flowers.
(That's the "craft" bit in this post)

And this is us with our combined six children!

After the service, a few close family and friends joined us for lunch in a local restaurant. Because we didn't want to go off in a separate wedding car we hired a London bus so we could travel together... it was brilliant!

After lunch we came back home to a marquee in the garden where we were joined by lots more family and friends for a fabulous party. We danced all night, starting off to Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight".

And when I could dance no more,
the gold shoes were finally abandoned!

I haven't made a cake today but I did make our wedding cake and as I promised six weeks of cakes... here it is. Four tiers of pure chocolate which was cut up and shared with strawberies at the party.

It was a wonderful day filled with so much fun and laughter (and men in kilts!)... and it's been a pretty wonderful four years too.


  1. Brilliant post, I really enjoyed that. Loved the walk to the church and the piper, the dresses - especially yours, the wonderful photo's and it's no wonder you are so good at cakes when you come up with a wedding cake like that. What a wonderful day you had, makes me all nostalgic thinking of my special day.

  2. Congratulations, I hope you both have a lovely day.
    Your dress is lovely as are the bridesmaids.
    The walk to church and the bus ride make it sound very special.

  3. Oh, congratulations - and I'm sorry, could you have been a more glamorous wedding couple? Goodness me!

    I can just imagine you walking through the village - and I shall ask my village spy if she remembers seeing you ;-)

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. What a lovely post Gina - you look so gorgeous in all the photos! Happy Anniversary!!! Lucy x

  5. Happy 4th Anniversary!!!!!

    I love the bus – what fun!


  6. Congratulations Gina and Stewart! Thank you so much for sharing your wedding day memories with us. You were a beautiful bride and your dress is gorgeous, very fairy tale princess.

    I hope you're having a lovely day together. xx

  7. What a lovely post Gina - thank you so much for sharing it with us all. You looked beautiful, as did the rest of the wedding party. And the London Bus is inspired! Brilliant!

    A very Happy Anniversary to you and Stewart. xx

  8. Happy anniversary to you folks. Loving the idea of processing through the vilage. that is what I love about small town life.

  9. Please don't tell anyone, but I *may* have got a little bit teary looking at your beautiful wedding pics. (Although, actually, I cried watching Hollyoaks earlier, too... But in my defence, I am feeling very hormonal...)

    But I'm rambling, sorry - what I meant to say was, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! And I hope you've both had a smashing day :o)

  10. Happy Anniversary to you both! Your photos are wonderful and it sounds like a fabulous day - and all rounded off with THE most fantastic chocolate cake!!


  11. Such lovely pictures - those shoes were just right - and you can never have enough chocolate tiers on a cake. Envious of the bus - it looks fabulous.

  12. ooh! Happy Anniversary. What a lovely and happy post. And that cake looks pretty scrumptious too!

  13. congratulations and what a wonderful thing to share with us. I am totally impressed with that amazing wedding cake you created, not to mention those dresses.

  14. Doh! A massively late Happy Anniversary!

    Both you and your wedding pictures are stunning and I'm intrigued by the one girl with all those boys. I'm thinking she's either very well looked after by all her bros or she rules the sibling roost!

    And I'm jealous that you can wear such killer heels ... I'm more of a Clarks girl myself *sigh*



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