Tuesday, 28 August 2007


It has been such a lovely lazy bank holiday weekend with lots of shared meals with family and friends, time to read the papers and even time for some knitting. I'm sure "sock yarn" has been around for quite a while but I'm a recent convert. I'd never knitted a pair of socks before but when I first discovered the yarn I had to make a pair. I'm contantly amazed at the way a single ball of yarn produces such a fantastic fairisle effect. I finished my first pair a few months ago and Stewart immediately claimed them for his own. Then Joe (son no. 3) decided he would like a pair, so I started again. Joe has rather large feet so I had to do a bit of pattern adapting which proved to be a challenge now and then, but I finally finished them on Sunday. Joe was away all weekend at the Reading Festival so on arrival home yesterday I made him pose in his new socks. He was tired and grumpy and didn't want to do it....

... But the natural exhibitionist in him took over...

...And then there was no stopping him!

The next pair I knit are definitely for me... although I don't really wear pink... and Joe rather liked this colour too!

Today I've been working on my article for Fibre and Stitch. It has been really interesting trying to break down a process into small chunks of instruction and to take photographs to illustrate the process as I work through it. Obviously I can't say too much more without giving away the content but this is a little teaser of what is to come...

Tomorrow an Elvis costume I'm working on... but more about that later!


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