Wednesday, 15 August 2007

All work no play....

...not entirely true! I've spent most of today planning for classes that start in September but have managed a bit of playtime too. I finished another ginkgo book this morning, smaller than the first with a bit of added foiling. Prefer this one.

As I had cut away a lot of the red fabric (smaller book!) I used the left overs with some strips of gold sweet papers and made a little ginkgo ATC. I've only recently discovered ATCs but they aren't they just the perfect size for samples!

I've also been doing some messing about with rust dyed fabrics and metal effects paint in preparation for one of the forthcoming classes. I've printed onto rust dyed calico with the paint and have painted it with the rust activator but as yet nothing has happened. Patience was never one of my better qualities! When I get results I'll post some pics.

Tomorrow I'm off for a day of all play no work... the Festival of Quilts at the NEC. I'm not a quilter and have never made a quilt in my life but I do love looking at them. And of course... all that shopping...

... back on Friday!


  1. Going to Quilt Fest on Saturday, looking for inspiration and hoping not to spend too much money-hope you enjoyed it.

  2. Have fun on Saturday, Sue!

  3. Hi Gina
    Lovely work! Love the ginko books! namaste Elis.


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