Thursday, 2 August 2007


I've been thinking over the past couple of days about why I wanted to start a blog. Partly, I wanted to be part of this fantastic supportive creative community and I haven't been disappointed in that respect. Your comments and support so far have been amazing. But it is more than that - it seems to be allowing me to reflect on what I'm doing in a way I've not done before. In a very positive way too. I'm not sure I'm being very articulate about this but I know it feels good! I was concerned that it would become yet another distraction, another reason why I hadn't got on with a certain project (I'm the master of procrastination) but it seems to be having the oppposite effect... Gosh this is all sounding rather serious and reflective!

Anyway, all of which is good news, because in September I'm starting a degree with OPUS and feel the blog will be an excellent forum for trying out ideas and keeping me on track. With that in mind, I've had the details of a summer project we have to do before the start of the course for about a week now. I keep looking at my blank sketchbook and thinking I must start something today... but as yet it is still blank. So by telling you that today I WILL make a start on this project means that I will. And possibly I'll have something to show tomorrow!

Talking of finishing things, I did a bit of stitching on the embellished piece I posted about last week. Initially I thought it looked vaguely like a landscape but with the addition of some stitching I think it looks more like a rockface. There was no real planning in the design, only playing, but I think it could have potential to be developed into something a bit more substantial. I quite like the subtlety of the reverse side too. Not sure which I prefer.


  1. I am definitely a sister in procrastination! I know exactly how that works LOL. I like what you have done with the embellished piece. I think I prefer the reverse side which is softer. You could still interpret it as landscape or rock texture.
    I shall check in tomorrow to see if you have started in your sketchbook ;0)

  2. I'm with Julie I prefer the reverse side of this piece. Very much looking forward to following your progress on the degree course.

  3. Isn't the bloggin like that! It makes me get on and actually do aswell. I'm so glad that you're doing the degree course (I so want to but can't yet). I'm really going to enjoy your explorations. Oh, and Sara (zaz) is doing the same course.


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