Sunday, 12 August 2007

More Pictures

A few more pictures from Summer School ... some close ups of samples and one or two finished items. There were a few books and needlecases made during the week.

Thought I'd have a play around with the layout of the photos... limited sucess I think! Or rather their postion is more of a happy accident then part of any design. It is lovely to have all these pictures of student's work because there is not much to show of my own today.

I took my Opus sketchbook away with the intention of getting some work done in the evenings but it didn't really happen. Although I have started to read "Perfume" by Patrick Suskind which was recommended for us to read as part of our project on the senses. I'm not really enjoying it as I'm finding it almost too descriptive with an overload of adjectives which can be quite stomach churning at times. The narrative really immerses the reader into the world of odours and scent - extrememly evocative but quite overpowering. The central character is also quite strange and disturbed which I find uncomfortable. It hasn't inspired any artwork as yet!

Well... lots of catching up to do of the domestic kind, laundry, shopping and that type of thing so I'd better get off the computer. More student's pictures tomorrow.


  1. hej Gina

    great start to the Opus sketchbook ! as for Perfume - I agree it is disturbing - and even more so at the end ......but I find it a fascinating written piece - not so much for the content of the story but for the style of writing ........peeling away at the odours and smells, disecting them.


  2. You certainly inspired your students, Gina. I particularly like the colours on the fish.


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