Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Braids and Books

A slightly frustrating day today. I didn't feel inspired to work in my sketchbook, nor did I feel much like stitching anything creative so thought I would play it safe, stick to something familiar and make up some more little books. I was making braids on the machine for the ties, something I've done dozens of times before - nothing too difficult, foot on, feed dogs up - but I was having real problems! The thread kept breaking and snarling up in the bobbin every couple of inches. I re threaded the machine, I cleaned the machine, I changed the thread, I changed the needle... all the sort of good advice I give my students but to no avail. Then suddenly after nearly an hour everything worked like clockwork! Still don't know what caused the problem.

Can you spot the tangled threads! Anyway I finally managed to finish a book... using the ginkgo leaves that I painted just over a week ago. I love the shape of them - like mini fans and very exotic.

Some more student's work to finish... they made SO much!

Oops! Bit out of focus!

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