Monday, 13 August 2007


I've been hopping between one project and another all day today... working at pages in my Opus sketchbook and then while they've been drying I've been on the computer writing. The writing is a new and exciting venture for me which has come about as a result of blogging... I'm writing an article for the Issue 2 of Fibre and Stitch. It's in draft form at the moment and now I've got to think about photographs and diagrams... all very exciting! Watch this space.

Whilst walking Barley (the dog... no prizes for guessing what colour he is!) I spotted these gorgeous berries. "Luscious" I thought... so had to photograph them and paint them for my sketchbook!

Didn't progress much further on that train of thought but I started to think about "Perfume" and how descriptive the narrative is about the layers of odours and scents, each peeling back to reveal further layers. It got me thinking about layers and so I created a couple of pages built up with layers of papers.

This one was magazine pages, woven and stuck down. They were coated with a layer of acrylic medium, then a thin layer of gesso and then pen and ink on the surface... returning to the pomegranate theme (more "luscious".)

The second was paper with patches of coloured ink (I was trying to think rich and luscious colours) then layers of crayon, with more paper torn up and applied to the surface. At this point all my deep thinking about layers degenerated into fits of giggles as all I could think about was "Shrek" descibing how Ogres are like onions because they have layers that can be peeled back! Mmmmm! Perhaps "Shrek" is more my level than "Perfume"!

And as I promised, I'll finish with some more Summer School work by the students... such gorgeous luscious colours!


  1. You've certainly had a busy day - I like the way you've used the woven paper and worked on top. Your subconscious must have been working well for Shrek to pop out! lol :o)

  2. Love that watercolor and that woven paper is wonderful. Such a great combination of colors in this post!


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