Saturday, 11 January 2014

Pixie People

When Gill and I visited the Selvedge Winter Fair we were rather taken by the beautiful dolls created by Sarah Strachan. As well as dolls, Sarah had some rather cute Pixies which she was also selling as kits. We immediately thought that these would be a fun activity for our Young Embroiderers. I bought a kit and on my return home made up one of the Pixies from the kit. I have to say it took me back a few years when I remembered making yarn wrapped pipe cleaner dolls like this when I was about ten years old (before you say it... a very, very long time ago!)
But I knew that all of our Young Embroiderers would want to put their own stamp on the Pixie design so I made a couple of variations to kick start their ideas... Pierre the onion seller...

And a pretty fairy called Posie.

But I needn't have worried about kick starting their ideas because as expected they each came up with wonderful original ideas of their own. What follows is a rather picture heavy post with all sorts of characters from our girls and the helpers... because I couldn't leave any of them out! It has become a bit of a joke that we have almost as many helpers as girls these days because everyone wants to come and join in. And because the girls are all so clever the helpers don't really have much helping to do and get to make their own stuff!

Bluebell made a fairy and then a baby in his colourful onesie.

Hannah made this super Guardsman and Policeman.

Jemima made this very elegant looking couple.

The wild and colourful character below is from Ann.

And this one in the purple hat is from Sophia.

It was Neve's first time at YE and she made this super pair of pixies...

The long legged beauty below is from Gill... just like her really!

Francesca made a witch with a pet dog.

Pam made a very elegant fairy with a pink punk hair do.

Sue made this chap with his oversized beret...

and then went on to make this fabulous witch.

Eve and Kathleen made this gorgeous fairy...

And Ruby who was also at her first meeting made this lovely family. I love that baby's face!

Neve also made a third member to her pixie family too.

Jemima also got busy with a third character and came up with this pirate.

And whilst all this was going on I managed to make this rather dubious character... I was going to say don't ask what breed he is but on reflection you might be wondering what species.

As always another fabulous day with the Young Embroiderers!


  1. Wow! These are wonderful pixie people and I love their attitude. What great fun!

  2. Wow! They are all fabulous! What fun! I wish I could have come and played too. xx

  3. Oops I've just seen that Julie and I commented at pretty much the same time and said some very similar things!!

  4. They're brilliant! I remember making similar things with my girls - mostly fairies - with skirts made from pulled apart silk flowers. I love the variety of characters!

  5. Now that looks like a lot of fun!

  6. I had a wonderful time today. Thank you

  7. It's so clear from these pictures that the Young Embroiderers must have had a fabulous time. What a great variety of personalities were created from a similar beginning.

    Creative happiness! xo

  8. Another lovely day with the girls - of all ages! Such a great variety of pixies etc x

  9. Your Young Embroiderer's are so clever. All the pixie people are wonderful but I love the green witch and Pierre the Onion Seller.

  10. These are all kinds of awesome Gina, I wonder if I could get my kids (from my classes) to make some....

  11. Aren't they all brilliant.....every single one of them!
    V xxx

  12. What a great activity for your group of talented children

  13. Fab work by one and all. Well done
    Gina, helpers and YE's

  14. These are such fun. Thanks for posting all of them.

  15. Great fun for those youngsters - and their helpers too! Reminded me of one Christmas when I made all the children in my class a little mouse. The boys' mouse was a pipecleaner figure in winter outfit complete with skis and ski sticks (must have been an awfully long time ago!!)

  16. Wow what a creative lot! Those dolls are full of imagination and character. Great!!!

  17. Looks like mega fun for the child in all of us! I love Sophia's - I think I could feel all legless like that quite easily.

  18. They are all so clever and so much fun. Of course you couldn't leave any of them out of the blog, thanks for all the photos. Cheers

  19. What a lot of fun you all had, such a variety of ideas and so great that you're keeping craft alive with the younger members.

  20. Oh such fun they are all great - bet they had fun making them

  21. When my cousin's daughter (13) told me how she enjoyed textiles at school, I thought I'd show her your YE posts. She loved the pixies and said she would have liked to have there. Unfortunately she's not local but maybe there's a YE Group nearer to her - I'll have to look into it.


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