Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Bring me Sunshine

I was recently passed a sunshine award from Judith who is a talented artist and illustrator from Ballymena. I was honoured and flattered to be picked out by Judith but as ever these awards come with rules and those who know me from old will also know that I don't do rules. However as I've already obeyed rule number one to link back to the blogger who nominated me, I thought I might as well play along a little bit...
Rule no. 2 is to answer some questions set by the person who nominated me. I've done the "five/seven/ten random facts about me" several times before but I don't think I've ever answered specific questions so here goes...
1. Pizza or Chinese?
Has to be pizza, preferable thin, crispy, simple and eaten outdoors in the sunshine in Italy... failing that, homemade with a beetroot and goat cheese topping.

2. Train or Bus?
I do get the park and ride bus if I go into Cambridge but other than that I can't really remember the last proper bus ride I went on so I think it has to be the train. I relish that uninterrupted time to read or knit.

3. Stairs or Lift?
Always the stairs if possible. Don't like waiting for lifts and don't like being in them!
4. Cooking or Washing up?
I think you all know the answer to that... cooking wins everytime. We have a rule in our house that whoever cooks does not have to wash up. I think I might have made that rule up... and that is one rule I'm happy to keep!
5. Luxury Cruise or Camping?
Neither! The idea of being stuck on a ship, luxury or otherwise would be my idea of hell not a holiday. I've only done it once, in February 1982 when I was a young teacher. Three of us took 30 year ten pupils on an educational cruise around the Mediterranean on the HMS Uganda. I suppose that might indeed sound like hell but to be fair at the time I really enjoyed it, we visited some amazing places and it certainly beat being stuck in a North London classroom teaching for two weeks (apart from the day when we were stuck at sea and all the children were seasick) but I wouldn't choose to do it again. And camping... I probably could enjoy it, but it was the only type of holiday we ever had when I was a child... and it always rained, so after a particulary soggy camping trip in North Wales when I was fourteen, I swore I would never do it again and I haven't. If you forced me to choose it would be camping  rather than cruising... but somewhere warm and dry.

So those are my answers. Rule no. 3 says to nominate eleven more bloggers to receive the award but that is where I am not playing. (To be fair I have received this award in the past in my early days of blogging and may have played along then.)  But you can play along if you like. What would be your answers to the questions ?


  1. I would agree with you Gina with the exception of camping, no way would you get me in a tent!!!
    V xxx

  2. I must admit I used to love camping, but not in wet weather, and our camping would be a very different experience from yours - in outback Australia with no amenities, and no other people around!
    We don't have the option of trains or buses here, so it is drive or fly.
    I am not one to join in those award games properly either. Cheers

  3. With you 100% on all the answers but my camping would be in a 40 foot Winebago Vectra.

  4. Congratulations on receiving your award, Gina, any your answers made great reading, I'm with Amanda on this one, I just had to go and have a look at this beast on line, it's ridiculously awesome, makes our little 21 foot Auto sleeper look like a toy.

  5. Your responses pretty much echo my own feelings, though I might be tempted to camp if it meant I could do one of the really long Lakes walks and wake up with no one else for miles around. Camp sites? Not ever. No way.

  6. Oh but I LOVE camping!! Maybe because there were so many years when I couldn't do it so last year felt like a really fabulous treat when we bought our tent - I think we camped 10 times between May and September!! Xx

  7. Camping or Cruise? Definitely camping, but only at Glastonbury, only if it was warm and sunny for the whole weekend, only if I was in the VIP area with proper toilets, and only if Queens of the Stone Age, the Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon were on the bill So, probably neither then.
    Oh and washing up, every time!

  8. I wouldn't enjoy camping - I don't have folding legs! A cruise doesn't excite me either but I wouldn't mind a good hotel! Chinese food please and I don't mind washing up, though as I'm the cook my husband usually does that for me. Your blog brings us sunshine so the award is well deserved.

  9. Your Sunshine Award cheered me up with its lovely colour. I would always go for pizza but I like the deep crust, trains over buses every time and I hate lifts too. I have been known to cruise although I am not a devotee but I would love to try glamping or a stay in a yurt with a lovely log burner. Cooking wins over washing up but I don't do much of either these days thanks to DH. Bless him!

  10. We did pizza in Rome, and were very happy walking down the streets holding our pizzas in paper and admiring everything. Our cruise was the same as yours, but in July (hot!!), and thoroughly enjoyed it because usually we do camping ;) I love camping, but we have a hard-sided trailer and camp in the north woods of Ontario. Love the woods, the hiking, the canoeing, the campfire ... everything.

  11. Totally agree with stairs, cooking and pizza. I've never been on a cruise however I can manage a ferry ride every now and then as long as it is a short journey.Now I have more time I appreciate both bus and train instead of jumping in the car to whizz off somewhere. More time to observe what's around me.

  12. I love crispy duck, but provenance of food now a big thing for me so I'd go for your beetroot pizza; train anytime; stairs if in a rush, lift if lazy; definitely cooking every time, and YES to camping!!! But only in an excellent canvas tent, no leaky cheap cold plastic tent-like pretenders! And preferably not in the rain...

  13. Thanks Gina for playing along, a bit! And sorry for only getting round to reading your answers now. I have a big smile on my face! You have brightened my day. Loved reading all the other co moments too! Pizza in Italy would win every time, with a nice glass of Italian red,(never tried beetroot on a pizza before, but I am now intrigued! My boys love pizza and they love beetroot, so why not? I love camping, but only if it's not in The British Isles. I too had a.rather horrible experience when I was about 14: we had put the ground sheet down badly and woke up at 2am with our inflatable mattresses floating in what seemed like a swimming pool. Never again! As for cooking, I love that, but I always end up doing the washing up, too. (Well, what doesn't fit in the dishwasher, I suppose.) Judith x


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