Monday, 2 December 2013

Advent :: Day two

On Saturday it was our last Young Embroiderer's meeting before Christmas. You may remember that back in October I announced I was no longer going to be the YE leader at our Guild but unfortunately things didn't work out quite as planned and so the girls have got to put up with me for a little while longer. I put together a few felt tree decorations as inspiration...
I gave a brief explaination of how they needed to use the paper patterns to cut out pairs of felt shapes, decorate them with ribbon, braid, ric-rac and buttons. Then stitch the pairs together with running stitch or blanket stitch, adding a little stuffing as they went... I was about to offer to do a short demo but they were already away putting together their own decorations and coming up with their own ideas.
They really don't need much by the way of adult help at all...

There were trees and Christmas puddings...

Little stockings...

and stars.

Each and every one unique and quite lovely!

There are going to be some very smart trees around here this Christmas... and Hannah even came up with the idea of making hers into a Holly brooch.

They are all brilliant... well done girls. I had a lovely time and secretly I'm quite glad to still be YE leader... it's a privilege to work with such a lovely talented bunch of youngsters!

Next year they want to learn to crochet... now that should be interesting!


  1. Your young embroiderers are very keen and so talented. What a lovely array of tree decorations and the perfect theme for a December meeting.

  2. I'm sure they're very happy to 'put up' with you for a while longer!! As you know I always love to see the girls' work and their decorations are just brilliant. I don't like to single one out but I have to mention that little stocking...there's a whole scene going on there...beautiful! :)
    V xxx

  3. Very cute -- my favorites are the little puddings!

  4. They're obviously very creative Gina - you are lucky to work with them. Hope they continue into adulthood!

  5. They obviously have had a lot of fun making these - talented youngsters and talented teacher too!

  6. Gorgeous, I love felt decorations, what a talented lot

  7. What a lovely range of Christmassy decorations. Well done to everyone!

  8. Gina, it's clear how much you've inspired these young embroiderers. They all obviously knew what to do with a threaded needle, some felt and a few bits and bobs.

    Each "bauble" is a beauty with lots of Christmas spirit. It's grand to think that each of them will now want to make a few more creations to decorate their trees, or perhaps even give to folks as presents.


  9. Awww...good for them! What great little creations they made. I'm still working on my own stocking for my tree....I'd better get a move on...those girls put me to shame....

  10. How lovely Gina. There's real talent here and the decorations are lovely. Tried to comment on the last post but Blogger wouldn't let me for some reason. Heard on the radio today that advent calendars are falling out of fashion but good to see it's not so in your house!

  11. Aren't those young people just amazing?

  12. These are so sweet! I love it when you show off the talents of your young students :) Wendy


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