Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Advent :: Day three

A few weeks ago Penny wrote a post about the process involved in developing a pattern for her Crochet Christmas Baubles and the trials and tribulations of writing patterns, getting them tested and then having to put up with the response that $5 was too much to charge. Having gone through the process of trying to write and publish my own pattern I know that $5 is very little to charge! So when Penny asked for volunteers to test the pattern I was happy to help.
This is the result of my pattern testing, using Penny's own cottons. The pattern was clear and easy to follow and worth every penny (or cent)

Whatever the colour combination they look so pretty, and also look a lot more complex than they actually were to make.

When I'd finished trying out the different colours I then tried a wintery, sparkling combination.

which is equally effective, especially against greenery.

However there was one colour combination that really didn't work...  it looks like a bloodshot eyeball!

So you see... a really versatile pattern than can be used for your Halloween decorations too!
The pattern can be found here.


  1. They look gorgeous, Gina and the silver sparkly versions is stunning.Thank you again for your expertise as a pattern tester! Also for the mention in your Advent Calendar, there's a lot to see in cyberspace at the moment!
    Penny x

  2. They're lovely Gina and I really love your sparkly version! :)
    I really don't think $5 is too much to ask!
    V xxx

  3. What the best-dressed tree is wearing this season! Lovely colours but I do like the silver one.

  4. I do like the muted version best Gina. It looks lovely but I'm not going to be lured by the pattern as I'm up to my armpits in origami paper stars and must not find another Christmas decoration obsession!

  5. These are gorgeous, and I don't think $5 is expensive - some people hey!

  6. Give it some eyelashes and it might grow on you!

  7. The bauble design is a beaut. The bright colored variations is very jolly, but your silvery-white version is a classic variation that will look wonderful on a tree with just a few lights lit.

    Gina...I need more time for all the projects that are calling out to me just now!


  8. Just think of the time invested in writing/testing a pattern, $5 Pah! Some people should just be ignored.

    I love the coloured ones but the icy sparkly one is worthy of being on top of the tree xx

  9. With one exception (the eyeball) they look gorgeous, well done.

  10. These look really great! Love the design ... and especially like the wintery one ... the beads add a nice touch to all of them. I think patterns, like handmade crafts, are always underpriced. I think people feel that no one will pay the price if they charge more, but the time involved in the creating is never properly compensated in the end. Wendy x


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