Sunday, 8 December 2013

Advent :: Day eight

I've been pleasantly surprised this week by both my craft fair ventures. Despite spending two hours in a primary school hall where my average punter was aged about six with a total of 50p to spend followed by three hours in a cold church where most people seemed to have come along for the hot turkey rolls, I still managed to sell enough for me to be able to afford to go out and buy a Christmas tree yesterday!
I had made two Christmas aprons and both of them sold. I was secretly disappointed as I had hoped to keep one!

Of of my little notebooks sold... so there is still one left.

But alas, neither of my seasonal tea cosies sold...

which is a shame as I think they are rather cute and just the thing to accessorise your cuppa and mince pie at this time of year. And if tea is not your thing I can see no reason why your Christmas morning Bucks Fizz can't be poured from a tea pot!

As promised...tea cosies and note book are in my Etsy shop.


  1. With the price of Christmas trees this year you must have done quite well. Shame about the tea cosy - it's so attractive. Do you think that most of us use a tea bag straight into a mug to make tea now. I sometimes wish I didn't - it's so much more elegant to sit and wait for the tea to infuse in a pot and then pour it out, but so much quicker with a mug.

  2. I love the idea of pouring Bucks Fizz from a teapot! Tea parties would be even more fun:D Glad you did well at the fairs. I love your teacosies, but I'm a bit lazy and mostly make my tea in a mug...x

  3. Well I'm glad your fairs went well Gina...they are unpredictable things as we both know.
    No surprise the aprons sold though!
    I like the idea of bucks fizz from a teapot. :)
    V xxx

  4. Glad you made some money and didn't freeze to the spot, I love the idea of bucks fizz from a teapot, a new one in my case as. It doubt I could get the normal one clean!

  5. I had the same thought as Heather as I'm gobsmacked at the price of Christmas trees this year. Glad you did well. Enjoying these advent posts. Loved the small cakes and all of your makes. Just where do you find the time?

  6. Now that is a whole new way of thinking... Must try potted Buck's Fizz at the next available opportunity.

  7. I am bereft! Immediately went to your etsy site and the notebook is already sold. Good for you but so sad for me!!!!

  8. I love them all Gina. You are always so productive.

  9. Hi Gina, just made the cheese biscuits, wonderful taste but I couldnt roll them and cut them so rolled them into balls instead and flattened with a fork. It worked well. Will have to double the recipe next time!

  10. What a great idea, a little book to hold all your Christmas lists.


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