Saturday, 13 July 2013

End of Term

It was a bit of an end of term atmosphere at our Young Embroiderer's meeting today and even though quite a few of the girls were missing due to other commitments it was lots of fun as usual. Last time we met we made bunting but as the girls hadn't finished by the end of the meeting they were under a promise to bring it back finished this time. And doesn't it look fantastic! I wish we could keep it on the guild notice board all the time... much more fun than notices.
Today we were making little brooches from woven threads and beads and Imogen finished this beautiful pink and purple one.

Francesca made a brooch for her dog "Lucky" and here he is sporting it on his collar!

Very smart and sophisticated!

Bluebell managed to finish two brooches and was wearing them both... they look terrific together.

Hannah's looks fabulous with her clever use of complementry colours.

Gabby made her pretty brooch to decorate her bag.

Jemima also finished two... one for her little knitted friend, which she had knitted herself.

And this beautiful one for herself. So clever... and I love those nails!

And Abigail finshed hers just in the nick of time as we were packing up. I did take a photo of Heather's too but it was out of focus... sorry Heather!

And of course, it wouldn't be end of term without cake!

It was a lovely meeting girls... thank you! Thank you to my lovely helpers too... we did a great job clearing out the cupboard  and now I'm wondering if you fancy coming round to my house for a clear up!.


  1. What a clever bunch of youngsters you have - the bunting is amazing and those brooches are gorgeous. Nice to know that textiles/embroidery is in such good hands.

  2. Awe lovely work, as always, they are clever girls! :)
    V xxx

  3. I am always amazed at the quality of the work that they produce. The brooches look really impressive.

  4. lovely cheerful bunting and the brooches are so clever Gina - you have a very talented class of embroiderers.

  5. The brooches look really good, the girls are all great switchers now. And it feels like we achieved something too, with our massive 'tidy-up' x

  6. I am distracted by those summer fingernails!

  7. Isn't it amazing how, given an idea, they manage to make things that look very individual?

  8. Stunning little brooches - such a fab technique - so brilliantly carried out. AND - I really want nails like those!! x Jo

  9. I love the bunting- it's vey cheerful! The brooches are beautiful- the girls did really well with those. A talented bunch!:)

  10. Good work by YE, NO Gina its my turn first for clearing out.... my need is greater.(or at least my stuff is)


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