Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Things I Can't Show you!

  • I would like to have another sketchbook post ready for you... but I haven't  (maybe tomorrow?)
  • I would like to show you things I've been busy making... but I can't show you yet (the weekend... I promise)
  • I'd like to tell you about my excellent meeting with Jamie from Colouricious... but I can't tell you yet (but I will... over and over again... very soon!)
  • I would like to show you pictures of the apricot and almond cake I made... but we ate it.
So because I feel I need to show you I've been doing something... here's another Julie Arkell style bracelet that I made at the weekend.
This was for Jacob's girlfriend. She requested her favourite colours which are purple and gold .

Which I was quite pleased about really... because it feels a lot more "me" and less Julie Arkell. I do like a bit of bling!


  1. Very pretty. The cake sounds pretty darn good too. Nothing like keeping us on tenter hooks is there?

  2. Oh you big tease you!
    Like the bracelet, love the blinginess of it too!

    Sandie xx

  3. Cor! apricot and almond cake ... nice!

    Love the blingy bracelet - would swank up jeans and t-shirt perfectly!

    Now I wonder what you're cooking up? You sound quite excited about it!


  4. So many secrets and one sounds very exciting. Love the bracelet and by it's absence the cake must have been delicious! I must get back to my sketchbook and do some work on it before there is another exercise. I fall by the wayside all too easily without someone to chivvy me.

  5. the bracelet is just wonderful - love the idea that lots of good things are taking off for you

  6. Looking forward to weekend! Lovely bracelet and the cake was obviously appreciated which is all that matters really, isn't it?

  7. I bet the cake was lovely. The bracelet is very pretty.

  8. Gina,what a tease you are! My brain has gone into overdrive trying to read 'between the lines' so hurry up and tell all!

  9. Awe Gina, you ate the cake !!!!
    Pretty bracelet. :)
    Vivienne x

  10. Lovely bracelet. Looking forward to all the things you have to share and looking forward to having a cup of tea with you next week xo

  11. Love the 'puff' bracelet - I have several that I couldn't resist making, but hadn't a clue what todo with - now there's an idea! I have been really tardy in keeping up with yours (and everybodies') post lately and have thoroughly enjoyed catching up. Especailly after seeing some of your sketchbooks in the flesh as it were. Hopefully I will make it to one of your AVG workshops one day! You have certainly left me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for your next post!


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