Thursday, 11 August 2011

Festival of Quilts

Today I went to the Festival of Quilts.
There were quilts... wonderful quilts.
There was shopping... oh yes... there was shopping.

But best of all... there were bloggers... lots of crafty/textile bloggers!
I would put a link to everyone in the photo but after such a super day I'm shattered... (and I might just leave someone out which wouldn't do) so if you can see yourself... stop by and say hello!
It was lovely to meet you all.


  1. Sound a wonderful day, I've never been but am really looking forward to the K&S show in Oct.
    I'm a bit behind but I have just put up some pics of my sketchbook on my blog if you're interested in seeing my attempts!

  2. Like Su, I've never been to the Festival of Quilts I always plan to go but never quite manage it!!! Maybe next year, but I said that last year!!! Looks like you all had fun though.

  3. Lucky you! I really hope to go this weekend, fingers crossed.

  4. The chap did well to squeeze us all on! So very lovely to meet you today Gina. Look forward to having a cuppa in a St. Ives cafe later in the year. Hope you bought lots of goodies. I'll share mine once I get home


  5. It was so good to meet everyone. This picture is better than mine where I'm on the front row 'looking round'.
    I'm shattered as well.

  6. Can't believe I missed you all!!!

  7. And what a happy bunch you all look! Hoping to see lots of pictures on blogs.

  8. It's a wonderful event and I'm glad you all had such a good day. I think I recognise five of my favourite bloggers and I haven't been lucky enough to meet any of you, yet.

  9. It was lovely to see you yesterday.
    The quilts on show were fantastic, so many talented people.

  10. Great picture, can I pinch it :)
    It was wonderful to meet and have time to chat to everyone

  11. Looks as if you all had a great time. I went early because I wanted to try sewing machines and had to be back home by 4 so I didn't try to meet up with anyone- though I did shop (a bit!) and talk to a few people whilst taking refreshment!

  12. Looks like a fab time was had by all! I'm determined to get to the Festival of Quilts one day but it never quite happens - maybe next year.



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