Monday, 25 July 2011

Two of my Favourite Things

No. 1 Gardening
I've been tidying up the vegetable beds which were starting to look very overgrown.
I wasn't even sure if there were vegetables in there!

But look what I found... and there's lots more to come.
So this has inevitably led to a second favourite activity.

No. 2 Cooking
What I love about this sort of cooking is that instead of deciding what's for dinner and then going shopping, I look at what ingredients I've got and then decide what to cook.
So there was a very garlicky two bean salad.

The recipe called only for broad beans but as I had climbing beans too, I used both.
It was VERY garlicky but at least I don't have to worry about vampires.

And a rather delicious beetroot and orange salad...
which I will definitely be making again.

Mmmmm... that would make a good page in my "red" Sketchbook...

And whilst clearing acres of overgrown mint I discovered a tiny lemon thyme shrub and remembered I seen a recipe for Lemon and Thyme Loaf... that I know one or two other bloggers have tried.
So I tried it too.
And it's good...  I promise you that thyme in a cake is not as weird as it sounds... really... it is very good!

I think I should have added a third favourite activity...
No 3 Eating!

Recipes from some of my favourite books.

p.s. Still time to enter my birthday present giveaway!


  1. What a gorgeous post, from earth to plate, beautiful photos. Now I'm hungry.

  2. Two bean salad - love it! And that cake is very good isn't it? Must make another soon.

  3. beets look lovely, unfortunately I am the only person in the family who eats them

  4. What a shame you didn't show us the 'before' photo of the veg garden ;-)

    I like the look of the beetroot and orange salad - will definitely try that.


  5. What a lovely post Gina - your recipes look delicious and made my mouth water. There is nothing to beat home grown vegs and home made food. I have often thought that a well tended veg plot can be as attractive as a flower garden.

  6. Your veg patch looks super. That loaf sounds interesting. I have been doing some stitching and really enjoying it. Great course last week. :)

  7. There really is nothing better than cooking food you've only just picked - your salads look gorgeous and I could definitely manage a nice big slice of that cake!


  8. The bean salad sounds yummy and freshly cooked beetroot mmmm.

  9. I did exactly the same too today. Boy did my garden need it.

  10. You definitely can't do 1 & 2 without 3 !! ;)
    It all looks lovely.
    Vivienne x

  11. I spy that Hummingbird book again, I'm using mine far to often these days ! The salad looks good I've got beetroot, I'll give it a try, tomorrow.

  12. I love gardening and growing vegetables too Gina, but not broad beans.... no, I can't go there.. just looking at the pictures reminds me of that awful smell of cooked broad beans. No amount of garlic or disguise could persuade me to grow or eat them.

  13. Beetroot and orange salad how delicious. And congratulations on four years of blogging x

  14. I could just eat a slice or two of the lemon and thyme cake....


    Sandie xx

  15. Beetroot and orange looks realy yummy and no washing up just wipe the dish with a journal page !

  16. Happy belated birthday! And so impressed with your harvest. Really must give the lemon thyme cake a go now!

    K x

  17. We've been at the allotment today digging potatoes, picking courgettes, peas and broad beans and pulling onions then cooking them on the portable stove for our lunch - yum!

    Lucy xx


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