Friday, 29 July 2011

The Best Laid Plans

I had today all figured out.
I would get everything ready for my class at Sevenoaks E.G. tomorrow.
Then I would met Gill for some knitting and a coffee.
But we were woken this morning by a dreadful hacking, gagging, coughing noise coming from the dog.
Plans of knitting were abandoned and a trip to the vet took place instead.

The poor old boy has kennel cough. Given his advancing years he was put on antibiotics, had an anti- inflamatory injection and I came home considerably poorer! So I thought I would use my time back at home by having a sort out and I came across two gifts that I have received in blog giveaways over the past few months that I've not mentioned. The first was this lovely patchwork bag from Angela. When I received it, it came filled with a large bar of chocolate (long since gone) and much as I like the idea of a bag for storing a stash of chocolate I think it will be used for my sketchbook materials when on holiday.

The second lovely parcel was from Heloise - two bundles of gorgeous fabric scraps. Beautiful silks, prints and some very old embroidered pieces.

I decided to turn some of the pieces into little Suffolk puffs. Given that I have never in my life made a Suffolk puff before it may have been a bit ambitious to make them this small but I persevered as I had a project in mind...

I wanted to make a little bracelet of Suffolk puffs like those made by Julie Arkell. I did a bit of research and worked out how I might assemble the bracelet. Julie puts little tufts of felt in hers and I couldn't quite decide how they worked so I used buttons on mine instead...

And I'm rather pleased with the way it turned out... I tell you... it doesn't take much to make me happy! 

In fact I like it so much, I'm going to make one with the blue fabrics too!

And Barley... well as you can see, he's doing fine. In fact, he's not coughed once since we went to the vet. Probably doesn't want the indignity of having a thermometer stuck up his bum again!


  1. Poor Barley - at least he looks much better in the second photo. Your little Suffolk Puffs have made a lovely bracelet and the addition of buttons is a great idea. I have hundreds of buttons and never know what to do with them.

  2. Oh poor Barley - I do hope he gets better very soon. I know Trashy went through kennel cough with her dogs at Easter and it sounds like a horrible illness :o(

    I love the bracelet - having just bought several ounces of rather lovely buttons this may be just the thing to use a few of them up.


  3. Glad Barley's on the mend.
    I like your bracelet - Julie stuffs her puffs with teeny snippets of offcut fabric, but I lost patience with that and just put a small amount of fibrefill stuffing in just to give some body.

  4. I am so glad that he is better, poor thing. The bracelet looks lovely - I do have a yoyo maker, but in fact have always made the puffs by hand!

    Pomona x

  5. Bless him, so pleased to hear he's on the mend. I had a go at making those puffs once, they're quite fiddly actually but good fun. Your bracelet is very effective, really pretty.

    Thank you for your birthday wishes!

    Kate x

  6. Glad Barley is getting better poor thing, or should that be poorer you! I've only made Suffolk puffs for City and Guilds, much to fiddely for me.

  7. Glad Barley is feeling better. I really feel I should learn how to make a suffolk puff given that I live in Suffolk - yours are lovely.
    I love your new sketchbook project too and intend to join in next week when I have a break from work.

  8. Awe poor Barley, hope he's back to full health soon!
    Pretty bracelet. :)
    Vivienne x

  9. Hope Barley is all better, soon. I like your puffs bracelet, and what a clever idea to use buttons!

  10. Big cuddles to Barley - hope he's feeling better. Poor wee fella! Its horrible when our pets are poorly, as they can't tell us how they feel. Glad you used the time to do something you enjoy - great puffs.

  11. Poor Barley, glad he is on the mend. Great bracelet, love the fabrics. Have a good weekend. :)

  12. Gina,
    I winced at the thought of the thermometer stuck up poor Barley's rear end. Glad to hear he's a bit better but sorry it cost you an arm and a leg to make that happen.Good luck with today's workshop! Lesley

  13. Wow, it seems you've been incredibly busy or else I've been away for ages! I love the poppy seed head sketchbook pages you've created. Really inspiring.

  14. The bracelet is lovely - glad Barley is on the mend he looks happier in the last picture.

  15. What a lovely name for that colour of dog. Hope he has got over both his illness and the indignation! Love your puffs!

  16. Poor Barley, Kennel cough is a horrible thing and I hope he's back to full health very soon. Have just come back from the vets without Henry. He's got to be put under for an enema, he was very poorly this morning and as he's 16 it's a worry.
    Love the bracelet, a really pretty way of using tiny scraps!

  17. Aaahhh poor Barley I hope he gets better soon. Sparky went to the vets yesterday to have his teeth cleaned and there was a rather substantial bill for that so I know how you feel.I'm so glad he's insured..I'm really pleased you are going to use your little bag.
    The bracelet is very cute.

  18. It is very good to see the noble Barley is in much better health!

    And it is also very good to see the close-up views of your pretty bracelet. This technique is one I have never yet tried for myself, but your success is encouraging me to give it a go.

    Best wishes!

  19. poor Barley - love the bracelet how did you fasten it?

  20. Because we often have to put Tess in kennels when we go away on holiday, we have to have her dosed against kennel cough every year. She hates it as it is squirted up her nose, but really the disease is horrible too.
    Like those suffolk puffs.

  21. Barley looks so much happier in the last photo! I hope he gets over his kennel cough quickly. Great presents - I love that "It's a hoot" fabric in your patchwork bag - Dot has the same range in green. You'll be pleased to hear some sketchbook happenings have started in Locketland! Lucy xx

  22. Oh poor thing. So glad he's feeling better now :)

    And such a beautiful bracelet. Feeling inspired to get my yo-yo (puff) maker out!

    K x

  23. That's a relief - I was worried where this post was going. LOVE buttons!


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