Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Postcard Update

I'm aware that I've not put pictures of the past three (possibly four?) postcard swaps on this blog.
Four weeks ago I received this mysterious card from Jill.

Inside a rather tasteful card of Michalangelo's David... with a tempting little tag! 

 Well, I had to, didn't I?
A perfect interpretation of my Revealment/Concealment theme!

Then two weeks ago another mysterious package, this time from Penny.

Wrapped up in a reproduction poster from the film "Gaslight" was a beautifully made card that served as a warning... not everyone might be whom they seem to be! Secret identities might be concealed.

And then this weekend came not one, but two cards from Jane that were based on childhood puzzles. The first was a clever structure of two sheets of acetate stuck together forming windows, with foliage on both sides. Between the two windows little beetles move about, hiding in the foliage.

The second card is a painted tiger in a cage... but when you pull the tag...

The tiger is concealed and the lion is revealed. So clever! As always some ingenious interpretations of my theme.

The postcards I have sent have been this one below to Jo, whose theme is "Yee ha! Ride 'em Cowboy"

A very textured piece of machine stitching on canvas for Jane whose theme is "Coast/Seaside"

And finally this weekend I sent the card below to Sue whose theme is "Rust." A few people have wondered how I acheived the surface on this card and I can claim no credit. The idea has come from Lynda Monk's article in the last edition of Workshop on the Web. It is a combination of pelmet vilene, dyes, foils, and tissue... but you'll have to see the article or attend one of Lynda's classes to find out how it's put together. The beetle is a Rust Red Flour Beetle.

There are only two more swaps left in our postcard swap and it has been great way of meeting some new bloggers... some even in person at my Open Studios recently when Jill, Jane and Chrissie came to visit.
You can see all the postcards that have been exchanged to date on the Postman's Knock blog

I'll be back tomorrow with a winner and possibly another sketchbook post!


  1. Really clever postcards, it's amazing how one theme can throw up so many different interpretations.
    I really love the little seaside one. :)
    Vivienne x

  2. I like the seaside one too but my absolute favourite has to be the beetle, with the lovely depth of colour and shine.

  3. I've enjoyed following Postman's Knock - are you all planning on doing more??
    I love the beetle!

  4. I love the first one, and my son-in-law would love the cowboy boots. I must try Lynda Monk's technique - it is so effective, and your beetle is beautiful. So much variety and very clever interpretations.

  5. Some fantastic postcards. How lucky you are to receive them!

  6. Interesting idea. I am looking forward to a sketchbook post so that maybe I can bite the bullet and join in - I am so scared of putting pencil to paper, let alone paint. Yet I so want to do it.

  7. They are all lovely - both the ones you received and the ones you sent. I really must get around to trying that Lynda Monk technique. Over to Workshop on the Web!

  8. Fabuous and entertaining postcards Gina. What a joy!

  9. What beautiful cards Gina,so many wonderful techniques and ideas,I love the seaside. x

  10. All wonderful creations. :)


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